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Ontario's public school system in transformation to modern learning

In this Educational Rendezvous, Todd Taylor talks about authentic assessment, modern learning, feedback and leadership! Let's take a look at the Ontario public system.

Writing with technology changes writing!

Writing with a pencil on a piece of paper or writing by typing on a keyboard and looking at a screen, what does that change for the students?

The program for the next iPad and Digital Education Summit is ready!

The program for the 5th iPad and Digital Education Summit is now available. Personalized program and registration If you have already registered, the organizers of this event will ...

Antidote for English now on iPhone and iPad

Druide informatique announces the publication of Antidote Mobile - English, a brand new application for the iPhone and iPad.

A world of resources for French immersion in Canada

As part of the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie 2017, an educational happy hour on the theme of French immersion was held at the Faculty of Education of the University of Montreal on March 16.

Ants, ace in chemistry!

A species that we come across every day, which often goes unnoticed and which has habits very similar to those of humans, ants are one of those insects that can frighten us, but surprise us at the same time. .

Maths Day: a competition for the pleasure of doing math

Maths Day is a friendly competition for grades 3 from elementary to secondary 4. Training camp has started!

Encourage students to write through videos

In addition to text and image, do you use video as a way to generate writing situations? Here are some ideas on this subject!

Facilitate learning through entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship is learning toolkit offers more than a hundred teaching resources for elementary and secondary school. Discover testimonials from teachers and stimulating entrepreneurial projects carried out by students from across Quebec.

Mental math is a game

The upside down mental math game Mathador is now available in two new apps: Solo and Chrono.

LÜ reinvents physical activity with video games

SAGA presents LÜ, a new interactive play area with the ambition of revolutionizing physical activity by combining it with a natural ally for young people: video games.

REFER 2017: The classroom, a universe of creativity in examples

Ranging from maths to drama, the 4th edition of the REFER made great room for the creative world of classrooms. Return.

The Piggy Bank turtle is dead

In Thailand, the sea turtle nicknamed "Piggy Bank" because it had swallowed a huge amount of coins thrown by visitors to the park where it was staying, died this week. Let's take a closer look at this unusual phenomenon.

Let go to unleash students' creativity

One of the highlights of REFER 2017 was the performance of drama students from Académie Lafontaine. Their teacher, Sylvain Desautels, offers us ...

Differentiation, mutual aid and ICT at Studio PURE, a class like no other!

At Camille-Vautour Elementary School in New Brunswick, there is a class focused on the needs of students: it is called Studio PURE.

Science at the service of luthiers

The attraction for violins is still relevant today. Let's take a closer look at how science and technology are now being put to good use in violin making.

REFER 2017: A quilt of creativity!

Creativity was in the spotlight in the 4th edition of REFER, A look back at the conference by Catherine Lapointe, entitled A Quilt of Creativity!

Data analysis for learning

Data analytics for learning was in the spotlight at the Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference in Vancouver. Return.

One student, one iPad free of charge for the École de Saint-Marcel

The Saint-Marcel elementary school, near Saint-Pamphile in the Côte-du-Sud school board, is about to make a technological shift.

Cybertip.ca: click to report

Cybertip.ca is a Canadian online service that allows you to report cases of child sexual abuse on the Internet.

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