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"FLASHMOB at your school" contest

The Rendez-vous des la francophonie (RVF) invites immersion classes and francophone schools across Canada to share their dynamism and pride in a flashmob.

EdTechTeam, Google partner, and the Canadian Francophonie

Meeting with Marie-André Ouimet who explains the Google certifications for teachers and the aims of EdTechTeam in French-speaking Canada.

Aerial images before and after human impact

NASA has released new images on its Images of Change platform that show how humans are transforming the landscape around them.

De Marque: distributor of Edutechno educational resources

De Marque becomes the official distributor of the digital educational resource EduTechno for elementary schools in Quebec.

Your Exposciences project at OCTAS?

The next OCTAS Gala, of the ACTION TI Network, will take place on May 25, 2017 at the Quebec City Convention Center. Your students' Hydro-Québec Exposciences projects could be represented in the Prix Jeunesse en TI category.

Being monitored everywhere and at all times: “so what? "

Today we suggest a discussion and a demonstration of the fact that we are being watched by the technology that is in our pockets.

7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents for a Trifluvien

A man from Trois-Rivières is currently participating in a race around the world. Since January 23, he has been running one marathon a day. Let's see how his journey unfolds and the motivations behind this feat.

Video games and social and emotional skills to prepare for the job market

What if ICTs, including video games, made it possible to better prepare young people for the job market thanks to their social aspect and ...

American presidents from yesterday to today

This week marks the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. Let's take a closer look at the details of the past and current US presidency.

Schools like no other!

Find out about some “alternative” educational approaches, including supportive homeschool learning centers and “self-sufficient” schools.

Education differently: visit to Le Vitrail alternative school

The Network of Democratic Schools in Quebec held its conference on January 20 and 21. On this occasion, we were able to visit the alternative school Le Vitrail.

A city in the United States without drinking water for a thousand days

The inhabitants of the city of Flint in the United States have been deprived of drinking water for a thousand days now. Let's take a closer look at this problematic situation.

WAQ Junior: an invitation to discover web professions for 8-14 year olds

The professional event Le Web à Québec (WAQ) unveils this year a special two-day program for young people, the WAQ Junior.

Classes that collaborate and learn with Twitter

Discover several educational projects using Twitter in a simple way that you and your class can join!

A black Lady Liberty on a gold coin

This year marks the 225th anniversary of the American currency. Let's take a closer look at how the United States chose a black woman to represent Lady Liberty.

At the CAHM: projects that promote talents

The CAHM is a school where we focus on the self-determination of young people and the pedagogical leadership of teachers. Continuation of our visit!

The CAHM: a school (and a director!) Like no other

The Clair 2017 conference will be sold out from January 26 to 28. To get in the mood, we meet the director of CAHM, Roberto Gauvin.

A cold wave hits Europe

Europe is slowly recovering from a major cold wave that has been responsible for more than 60 deaths in the past few days. This cold snap, accompanied by snow, forces the authorities to intervene urgently in the hope of helping the population.

Schoolchildren and future teachers co-construct at Laval University

Students in educational technology recently accompanied elementary school students and future teachers on a “co-creative” day.

A logo to identify unhealthy foods

The Canadian government is considering requiring the food industry to add a logo that clearly indicates whether a product is healthy or not. Could this be the solution to stem the obesity epidemic in North America?

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