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Active education and digital technology in the spotlight (continued)

On November 11, active pedagogy was in the spotlight at the Académie Lafontaine. Back to a series of inspiring demonstrations. (Last part)

Conferences: preventing and combating bullying in schools

Preventing and Combating Bullying in Schools: What Does Science Say? A day of conferences at UQÀM to look into the issue.

Klaxoon: interactive presentations to promote learning

Klaxoon is a new tool that aims to make the student active during a presentation. Ambitious, since it is a daily challenge for teachers!

Millennial wrecks found in the Black Sea

Researchers have found wrecks dating from over a thousand years ago in the Black Sea. Let's take a closer look at how these Byzantine Empire ships have been preserved in such a way that it is said to be the find of the century!

Active pedagogy and digital technology in the spotlight

On November 11, active pedagogy was in the spotlight at the Académie Lafontaine. Back to a series of inspiring demonstrations. (First part)

Applications to restore students' confidence in the classroom

Here are some ideas for using apps to improve student confidence and encourage participation in the classroom.

Carbon neutral day: Sainte-Anne students at home!

This is the 4th year that Saint-Anne has held a “carbon neutral” day during which all of its students learn from home.

Barbie and Ken denounce the conditions of manufacture of toys

As the holiday season approaches, a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Switzerland has found an original way to denounce the conditions of toy manufacturing in China. Let's see what they have organized!

Learn to tell right from wrong on the web

Knowing how to recognize quality information is an increasingly important issue in order to live your citizenship well. Here are some resources on the subject.

Learn to code in the classroom with Ozobot

Ozobot is a small robot with simple and fun technology, aiming to teach the basics of programming thanks to its color sensors.

Racial tensions in America

On November 16, the International Day of Tolerance took place, almost at the same time, some communities in Canada and the United States are victims of hateful acts, whether because of their religious affiliation or their ethnic origin.

The TNI: "instrument of intelligibility of a reality" in mathematics and science

Technologies, including TNI, can help students move from the abstract to the concrete in science and mathematics. The thesis “Potential contributions of the interactive digital whiteboard in a problem situation requiring the passage from the abstract to the concrete in a context of mathematics, science and technology” is concerned with it.

The hologram in education (bonus: create your own hologram!)

Used for several years in the field of show and entertainment, holograms are now penetrating the educational world.

Call for workshops for the 2017 REFAD Symposium

The deadline for receipt of proposals is this Friday, November 25, 2016.

Transforming educational organizations with the flipped classroom

The flipped classroom: a metaphor for everything that needs to be returned to education and a precursor ecosystem of innovation for the “school” of tomorrow.

Future Classroom Lab: a meeting place to think about the school of the future

In Belgium there is a space where politics and industry work together to rethink learning spaces. Welcome to the Future Classroom Lab!

The new Mosaik-Portal: artificial intelligence at the service of students

GRICS 'Mosaik Student portal will enable bullying detection and behavioral support using artificial intelligence (AI).

The school library: a learning center at the service of success

Can the library as a learning center be a winning factor in educational success? School librarians believe it!

Screenagers: documentary on mobile devices and adolescents

The humorous documentary "Screenagers", which we suggest to listen to in a group, is currently all the rage in the United States. Here's why.

November 15, 1976, election of the Parti Québécois

A historic moment for those who experienced it from the inside, a tragic moment for opponents of the nationalist movement, November 15, 1976 marked a turning point in Quebec politics with the election of a Parti Quebecois government.

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