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La Capitale Recognition Award, 2016 edition: submit the nomination of an exceptional teacher

Do you know a remarkable person in the education industry who deserves to be recognized? Nominate her and she could win one of the four prizes ...

Site to discover: La Pomme Verte

The Green Apple website has been back for some time. It lists educational sites for students and teachers of ...

Aidersonenfant.com publishes a dossier on ADHD

On October 27, the Aidersonenfants.com site published a comprehensive and practical dossier on AD / HD, entitled "Focusing on Attention". L & #039; team, ...

Let's Talk Science launches Canada 2067 initiative to promote STEM

What do you think is the future of STEM education? What should we focus on? What skills should we aim for? An organization wants your opinion! Let's Talk Science is a ...

November 1 without animal product

The vegan movement has many followers all over the world. Let's take a closer look at this increasingly popular way of life despite the pitfalls encountered by its followers.

Symposium for parents on learning disabilities

On November 5, the Institute for Learning Disabilities is holding its 4th conference for parents of elementary, secondary or college children. It aims to inform and provide tools to better help children achieve success.

Analyze eye movement to improve teaching

Creating educational material according to what interests each student and organizing everything according to their way of learning could become possible thanks to neuroscience.

Halloween rhymes with pumpkin!

Halloween is just around the corner! Associated with this holiday, ghosts, spiders and other horror decorations are more and more present these days. Let's take a closer look at a Halloween staple: the pumpkin.

Meeting of the arts and science: astronaut David Saint-Jacques at the FACE school

Before a room filled with admiring teenagers, the Canadian astronaut spoke about the importance of following your dreams and putting in the necessary effort.

ICT, young Canadians and the French language

A principal and a student from Manitoba review their experience at the last ACELF conference and speak digital French at school.

Mario Asselin: Promoting different school paths

In this pedagogical meeting of the École branchée, Mario Asselin reveals to us what he would do if he were principal advisor to a Minister of Education in Quebec.

Declining bat population

Bats are threatened because of a fungal infection. Let's take a closer look at how white-nose syndrome affects the bat population.

Public consultation: What place for ICT in academic success?

As part of the public consultation of the Quebec Ministry of Education on educational success, teachers and students: make your voices heard!

Fab Labs at CS Marguerite-Bourgeoys: case study

A recent CEFRIO publication disseminates CSMB observations aimed at fostering new forms of active digital learning.

The sinister clown phenomenon is on the rise

The sinister clown phenomenon, the practice of dressing up as a terrifying clown in order to surprise strangers in order to scare them, seems to be intensifying as Halloween approaches. In the United States, where the phenomenon has caused many school closures, a psychosis is setting in, while isolated episodes have taken place in Quebec.

On November 12, 2016, the girls learn to code!

On National Girls Learning Code Day, here is a fascinating activity for the girls in your class and their parents!

Clair 2017: registrations are open

The 8th edition of the renowned Clair conference, Seeing education differently will be held at the end of January 2017. Register now!

Tax carbon

The Canadian federal government has just announced the creation of a carbon tax. The objective of this tax is to reduce the production of carbon emissions by companies and therefore by the population. How will this tax work? What will be the impacts on the population?

Raspberry Pi: a nano-computer to support programming learning

The Raspberry Pi costs around 50 $ and was created to promote computer programming in schools through better hardware accessibility.

Have a good week for school directors!

Québec school administrators' week, from October 17 to 21, 2016. Theme School administrators: the linchpins of success.

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