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An edible alley is born in Montreal

A few days ago, a new kind of green alley was inaugurated in the borough of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie in Montreal. The particularity of this arrangement? All the plants that have been planted are edible!

Earn a creative makeover of your classroom!

The “Your IDÉLLO School” competition will allow two schools to transform a classroom into a creative and collaborative learning environment!

CIRTA conference: practitioners and researchers gathered around digital technology

On October 11 and 12, practitioners and researchers gather at Laval University. We will deal with the contribution of digital technology and serious games in education.

Read with Me Week: Commit to reading with young people

The taste for reading is easy to catch! Be a role model for the young people around you by participating in the activities of the Week Read with Me.

20 years ago the Taliban took power

On September 27, 1996, young religious students regained control of Afghanistan and imposed Koranic law as the only law acceptable to the country. Thus began the reign of the Taliban and a new stage in the war in Afghanistan.

A free app that solves handwritten equations

Write equations by hand, take pictures of them and get the answer and instructions for solving them. It is now possible and free!

After Pokémon Go, "Where's Mr. Pug?" "

The ONF and Frima are launching a game based on the madness of smart phones using the recipe of the day: geolocation and augmented reality.

Samuel: Thousands of resources in just a few clicks!

Whether it is to project on an interactive digital board (TNI), to distribute in class or to carry out research for an activity, ...

Speaking to learn: oral skills in the service of learning

"Oral capsules" helps French immersion teachers wishing to use oral skills, in particular using digital technology, in the service of learning.

Settlement: a single wave would have left Africa

A recent publication in the journal Nature claims that the world was populated from a single migration from Africa. These results contradict the hypothesis that the world population took place in two waves.

French-language education in the digital age

It is this Thursday, September 22, in the evening, at the Hilton Quebec hotel, that the 69th conference of the Canadian Association for French Language Education (ACELF) will open under the theme "#franconumérique2016".

Scientific culture: When I sometimes dream ...

Reflection on the initiation to science of preschool and cycle 1 students. What should we try to convey to them?

The start of the École branchée: discover our resources for teachers

The 19th year of publication of L'École branchée magazine has officially started! Explore our resources for teachers.

September 22, car-free day

An annual event that attracts more and more followers each year, Car Free Day aims to promote public transit, active transportation, carpooling and even teleworking. Many are delighted with this initiative, but in 2016, is such an activity still necessary?

IDÉLLO, thousands of contents to learn online

"Any ideas for an activity in ...?" "Who knows a video about ...?" The IDÉLLO platform, from Groupe Média TFO, may be what you need!

20 days of educational challenges on Twitter

The CFORP TacTIC team offers the educational community on Twitter a daring series of challenges aimed at broadening educational horizons.

Call for papers: REFAD 2017 conference

REFAD is organizing its annual conference on May 25-26, 2017 in Moncton, NB, under the theme Managing Change in Training at ...

Budding writers reporters: digital technology on a human scale

A project in which elementary school students produce photo reports accompanied by documentary and literary texts using the best of digital technology.

National Tree Day

September 21 is National Tree Day. This day allows you to appreciate the remarkable benefits provided by trees. " For more than...

Technologies in the classroom: most useful and least useful, according to teachers

A survey of 1,300 teachers reveals their preferences for using technology for teaching and learning. Do you agree with these choices?

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