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Activate mental processes for better mathematics success

One study has shown that playing a certain game for 5 minutes increases the achievement of preschoolers in math. What is more surprising is that the game in question has absolutely nothing to do with mathematics!

Best Practices for Feedback Using Technology

Should we opt for traditional feedback or favor technological feedback? What are the best practices for feedback with ICT? ...

25 years of the Web: some pearls for tech-savvy teachers

On August 23, the Web celebrated 25 years of existence. While the value of the Internet has yet to be justified in many educational settings, it is certainly a staple of modern life. Tech-savvy teachers: some gems for you to discover today!

A community dedicated to using Twitter in the classroom

To embark on the Twitter adventure with your students, it has already been done for some, it will happen this year for others, it is simmering for some and it seems completely outlandish for many! However, these four types of teachers can now come together in a common place to go deeper into the whole.

Turn a flat screen into an Android tablet

Tablets and interactive whiteboards have made their way into education. However, their acquisition and maintenance cost poses challenges in certain environments. Many will therefore be happy to know about this new possibility of transforming a television or a flat screen monitor into a tablet or interactive whiteboard!

Experience the Rio Paralympic Games in the classroom with the support of the Canadian Paralympic Committee

If the last Summer Olympic Games took place outside the school period, this is not the case for the Paralympic component! This will be an opportunity to discuss multiple subjects with the students, and the Canadian Paralympic Committee offers adapted educational activities for this purpose.

Jazz, Little Burgundy: Life in music in a popular district

This summer, Radio-Canada launched an online documentary on the history of jazz in the Petite-Bourgogne neighborhood of Montreal. Many educational avenues on the subject are to be explored, at the crossroads of digital and media literacy.

Around fifty teachers are finishing their ICT summer camp today

From August 15 to 17, more than fifty teachers gathered for the 14th edition of the ICT camp of the Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FÉEP).

A preview of the September issue coming soon

The September 2016 issue of École branchée magazine will be out shortly. Here is already a preview! Not yet a subscriber? Hurry up and do it for the ...

Are the technologies present in the classroom fully used?

With the proliferation of educational technologies in the classroom, it is possible to think that they are frequently used for teaching and learning. This would not be the case, however, according to a recent major study.

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