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Genial.ly: a new interactive content creation platform

Interactive images, animated presentations, eye-catching infographics ... These are some of the creative possibilities offered by the promising Genial.ly application.

Pearltrees launches its "Education Offer"

With Pearltrees Education, schools have a private and secure space that puts all the wealth of the Internet within the reach of teachers and students.

Tips to stay motivated to learn this summer

Any opportunity to learn is good! Even in summer! Here are some tips from the Kumon homework help organization.

11 surprising effects of video games on the brain

The team of the games site JeuxJeuxJeux.fr has produced an infographic that highlights the findings of certain international studies on the effect of video games on the brain. Will you be playing this summer?

Block 1 iClasse November 26: early bird discount

The last block 1 of iClasse training of the year will take place at Lower Canada College at the end of November 2016. Receive a 15 % discount by registering before June 30, 2016.

Happy summer to all the education superheroes!

The École branchée wishes a wonderful summer to all the superheroes in education!

When technology increases mathematics achievement in elementary school

Increasingly, we see studies focusing on the impact of digital educational resources on student success. Recent research looked at a US elementary math resource service.

Sixth grade students work on robotics problem solving

Since February 2016, students in Ms. Lily-Anne Bilodeau's class, from École Au Petit Bois (CS Sorel-Tracy) have been using school robotics sets to work on problem solving.

Innovation Prize in Poetry Teaching 2016, until June 30 to register

The Quebec Association of French Teachers (AQPF) invites you to participate in the International Poetry Festival!

The RÉCIT: a network of passionate people

End of our file on the RÉCIT. Today, teachers recount their experience of pedagogical support through a RÉCIT resource person.

Only ten days left to make a proposal for workshops or internships at the 2016-2017 AQPF Congress

There is still time to submit your proposals for the next AQPF (Quebec Association of French Teachers) congress!

Get to know the RÉCIT better

Focused on RÉCIT, the network of educational advisers specializing in the pedagogical integration of ICTs who support elementary and secondary schools in Quebec.

Is the RÉCIT essential in the Quebec network?

Continuation of our file on the RÉCIT. Today, teachers and resource persons explain why it is essential in their opinion and we express wishes for the sustainability of the network.

The RÉCIT: what is its mandate, and why call upon it as a teacher?

Continuation of our foray into RÉCIT, this network of resource persons dedicated to supporting teachers in the pedagogical integration of ICT in Quebec. Today, a little reminder of his mandate and a host of reasons why teachers should call on his resource persons.

RÉCIT resource persons: key players in the integration of ICTs in schools

At the end of the year, we are offering you a foray into RÉCIT, this network of resource people dedicated to supporting teachers in the pedagogical integration of ICT. Today, we are getting to know the network!

Hugo: a new free digital publishing app

The Hugo application makes it possible to produce real digital books that are quickly downloadable and transferable to any mobile device. The personal version is free.

The Olympic Games: From Montreal 1976 to Rio 2016

To underline the 40th anniversary of the Montreal Olympic Games, the “Souvrniers de 1976” exhibition presenting vintage javelins, videos of exploits, photos, anecdotes, etc. officially opened on Monday. Let's take advantage of this event to discover the Olympic universe, from Montreal in 1976 to Rio 2016.

Adrian Piccoli: Building and maintaining confidence to ensure political stability in education

In this last episode of the year, the École branchée Educational Meetings make a small foray into the world of politics. We talk to Adrian Piccoli, Minister of Education for New South Wales in Australia.

The exquisite corpse game reinvented for reading and writing at school

Peetch is a new application that allows you to work on writing a collaborative “corpse exquisite” story.

The Meetings of L'École branchée

The Rendez-vous de l'École branchée are audio or video interviews with inspiring and innovative players in schools from here and elsewhere.

Back in the past!

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