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Le Labsolu: A new digital creation laboratory at Saint-Paul College

Saint-Paul College, located on the south shore of Montreal, wants to stimulate the creative spirit of its students by setting up a digital creation laboratory: the Labsolu.

A look back at the 4th edition of the iPad and Digital Education Summit

On May 5 and 6, 2016, the iPad and Digital Education Summit was held in Montreal. Since its first edition, bringing together a few hundred school representatives in a room for one day, this international event as well as the workshops and conferences offered there have evolved well.

A Quebecer in space

David Saint-Jacques will be the next Quebec astronaut to visit space. Let's take a closer look at the different facets and qualifications required of this fascinating profession.

The TacTIC team's mentoring recipe: support rather than one-off training

In this episode of the École branchée Educational Rendezvous, we meet Lise Galuga, technopedagogue member of the TacTIC team, a group of educational advisers whose mission is to support French-language school boards in Ontario.

The doors of the Factory wide open for our elementary students

Today, the pupils of our primary sector have seen their horizons widen in front of them as in the famous scene from Mommy, the film by Xavier Dolan. Why, then? They learned that the doors of Fabrique Beaubois would be wide open to them next September.

Use, Understand and Create: A Digital Literacy Framework for Canadian Schools

MediaSmarts, the Canadian center for media education and digital literacy, launched on May 25, 2016 the final component of its important program to support teachers in integrating digital literacy into the classroom.

World geek day

Since 2006, every May 25 has been the World Geek Day. This date refers to various emblematic elements of this culture. Let's find out which ones!

Pickit: the new image bank from Microsoft

Microsoft recently announced a partnership with Pickit, an online image bank, which provides users of its products with access to royalty-free images. Good news for those working in the education sector.

Data visualization to shed light on information

Friday May 20 was the 4th edition of EdCamp Quebec, a day of professional development tailored for participating teachers. A data visualization exercise was carried out to highlight the salient points. Discover this very interesting principle in education!

A plane crashes into the sea

On the night of May 18 to 19, a plane belonging to the airline EgyptAir crashed into the sea. Pilotage error, mechanical failure or attack?

Digital skills: how do parents see themselves?

CEFRIO presents the results of a survey carried out among parents of school-aged children, in which they consider themselves rather competent to support their children in homework and school work by using digital technology.

Innovate at school: Avoid jargon associated with '21st century learning' and encourage those who resist to move forward by ...

A brand new report from the Canadian Education Association describes how the Ottawa Catholic School Board has become one of the most innovative school systems in the country.

"Train students in the world of tomorrow and not in the one from which we come"

Yong Zhao of the University of Oregon gave an inspiring and humorous talk about dropping out of school, special needs students and the current school curriculum at the last uLead summit. Here is a summary of what he said.

Video and games: increasingly used educational tools

The use of video and games for teaching and learning purposes has increased dramatically in recent years. What are the reasons? What uses do we make of it? The results of a major survey answer these questions.

Quick consultation survey on new guides and PPO packages

The Professional Development Programs team at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEES) is currently addressing the issue of developing exploratory material for the Personal Orientation Project (PPO) course.

Comedians and censorship

The withdrawal of the Gala Les Olivier from an issue written by comedians Mike Ward and Guy Nantel has been a strong reaction in recent days. Let's see how comedians are affected by censorship.

Reading and collaboration: a stimulating duo for the student

For students, it can be stimulating to work collaboratively on the same reading. Whether on a shared whiteboard, at ...

Extras to enhance the reading experience

Interactive questionnaires, QR codes and augmented reality ... these are great ways to enhance the reading experience, whether on paper or digital!

After reading: Keeping track and sharing your discoveries!

Why not take advantage of the possibilities of digital technology to extend the life of reading, whether traditional or paper? Whether it's by recording your process in a digital portfolio or sharing your productions outside the classroom, here are some ideas that will motivate students.

While reading: Digital technology at the service of comprehension strategies

Digital technology offers great advantages when it comes to promoting the understanding of a concept, and therefore, of a reading. In particular, we will discover tools for annotating digital readings as well as tools for visually organizing the main ideas.

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