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Collège Sainte-Anne will promote entrepreneurship among young people with the establishment of a business incubator in Lachine

Collège Sainte-Anne will stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of its students with the creation of a business incubator. Laureate of the Présents pour les jeunes program, Collège Sainte-Anne received a scholarship of 5,000 $, awarded by the National Bank, to set up this project.

Wanted: inspiring projects in education for sustainable development

The Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation is launching the Projects of Hope competition, which aims to publicize promising projects in education for sustainable development.

Makerspace: The strength of a team

One of the particularities of the digital fabrication workshop project at Collège Beaubois is to bring together people from various backgrounds around the same table. Their expertise intersects to ultimately not only define the main lines of the project, but to establish the identity and the approach that will be given to it.

Ideas for valuing weak students

Teachers from Collège Sainte-Anne share their winning strategies to support their so-called “weak third” students, without lowering their expectations of others. Today, we are discovering a strategy based on valuing the weakest students.

Call for workshops for the next congress of the Quebec Association of French teachers (AQPF)

The next AQPF congress will be held under the theme Le français un laissez-passer, in Montreal, at Collège De Maisonneuve, on January 12 and 13, 2017. The organizing team invites you to participate in this meeting. by offering you a workshop or a training course.

Portrait of the use of the TNI on elementary and secondary school teachers in Quebec

In 2011, the Quebec Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport (MELS) began the deployment of interactive digital boards (TNI) in elementary and secondary schools in the province. Nearly five years later, a study paints a picture of the use of these tools among teachers.

Urban furniture in transformation

Telephone booths are abandoned by city dwellers while park benches remain popular.

What impact for open and massive online courses (CLOM / MOOC)?

What are MOOCs? What is their impact on learning and how are they revolutionizing higher education? These are some of the questions to which a new REFAD guide offers possible answers which will also be of interest to the primary and secondary environment in their essence.

Twitter celebrates its 10th anniversary!

The social network Twitter celebrated its 10th anniversary this week. On March 21, 2006, co-founder Jack Dorsey posted the first tweet, still available: “Creating my twttr account. "

Seven programs to rediscover the pleasure of learning

Each year, the Canadian Education Association (CEA) presents the Ken Spencer Awards for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. The 2015-2016 vintage highlights educators who take the risk every day to transform their learning environments. Find out about the winners, 2 of whom are in Quebec.

March 22, International Water Day

It is a day dedicated to the celebration of fresh water on the planet. A day with a different theme each year, but which first and foremost wants to ensure the sustainability of the resource.

Key meeting this week: the AQUOPS conference!

The 34th conference of the Quebec Association of Primary-Secondary Computer Users (AQUOPS) officially begins today. Teachers from all over Quebec come together for 3 days of training focused on ICT.

Free activities for the TNI in elementary school

A teacher offers material on her site that she has created for use on the interactive whiteboard, in French and in mathematics.

PlanetNemo, to support digital culture in primary school

The French publisher Planet Nemo Interactive offers a new online content platform to support the digital culture of children from 3 to 10 years old.

The positive effects of video games on young children

Video games to help the development of socio-relational skills of young people and their mental health? Researchers are starting to see very interesting potential in this!

Death Valley in bloom

Death Valley, California is currently experiencing exceptional flowering. Let's see how the El Niño phenomenon affects this national park in the western United States.

Math Day Boot Camp is officially open!

The 3rd edition of Maths Day will be held this year from April 4 to 8, 2016. It is a competition that allows students to revise concepts adapted to their level, online or on iPad, in class or at home, and which could earn them great prizes.

To be continued Thursday and Friday: the 3rd edition of REFER

Follow the webcast of certain activities of the Rendez-vous des écoles francophones en network, which takes place on March 17 and 18, 2016 in Quebec City and in many homes located throughout the Francophonie. The theme: What skills at school for a changing world?

Technology and the development of social and emotional skills

Emotional and social skills can be learned in different ways. Their development could, however, be enhanced by the characteristics of certain educational technologies.

VANTAblack: the blackest black

A British artist has just obtained the exclusive right to use a new color: VANTAblack - the blackest black ever created. This "acquisition" sows controversy in the artistic world and brings the concept of intellectual property back to the fore.

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