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Makerspace: the report of a secondary 1 student

It all started a few months ago. At the beginning of September, the members of the management decided to innovate by developing the “Makerspace” project at the college. This involves providing the community with technological tools used, among other things, to create works of art and prototypes.

Have a good spring break!

In Quebec, it's school break! The École branchée took the opportunity to win too and will be back next week! Until then, we'll play outside and enjoy the pleasures of winter and the beautiful snow!

Amazon to launch Inspire, a platform for open and free educational resources

Amazon, the American e-commerce giant, will soon launch a free platform for the education community.

Train experts in peer teaching

by Jean Desjardins and Isabelle Senécal, Collège Sainte-Anne Teachers from Collège Sainte-Anne share their winning strategies to support their so-called “third-party” students ...

Make young girls discover (and love) the professions of science and technology

The 17th edition of the event “Girls and science, an electrifying duo! ”, Which will take place in Montreal, Quebec, Rimouski and Sherbrooke on March 12, aims to spark sparks among girls in Secondary 2 and 3. Madame Ève Christian, meteorologist, journalist, blogger and scientific columnist, is its spokesperson.

Spelling corrected more and more the norm

It's rather rare that major spelling changes are made in a lifetime. When this is the case, as in 1932 or 1990, it takes several decades before their integration and application becomes visible. This is what we are currently experiencing in the media with the circumflex accent and the types of features in particular.

Explore the accessibility features of iPad

Corinne Gilbert, ICT educational advisor at Collège St-Jean-Vianney, shares a short video that she made as part of her work, but which may be useful for all users of iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

AQUOPS 2016: Who will be the next CHAPO award recipients?

While the registration period for the next AQUOPS conference, which will take place from March 22 to 24, 2016 in Quebec City, is in full swing, the Association invites people from the school community to submit nominations for the CHAPO awards.

Visit to the Echofab

Video of a visit to the Échofab, by the students of Collège Beaubois.

British Columbia students will learn to code

The Western Province will formally integrate coding basics and foundational technology skills into its school curriculum as of September 2016.

The challenges around BREXIT

Britain is launching a referendum campaign aimed at determining whether the country still has its place within the European Union. Despite a "historic" agreement signed between the United Kingdom and the European Union, members of the British government are beginning to assert themselves in favor of BREXIT.

A virtual treasure hunt that continues in nature

Thanks to the SCIENCE EN JEU virtual universe, students can discover marshes, swamps, peat bogs, ponds and shallow shores… wetlands that they can then observe and interpret for real, in nature.

The IWB: a real educational potential, but many challenges to overcome

In a context where, for almost five years, interactive whiteboards have been implemented on a massive scale in most schools in Quebec, the Canada Research Chair in Technologies in Education has carried out a study aimed at identifying the uses as well as the advantages and challenges of its use.

Weapons authorized in an educational institution

The University of Texas announced last Wednesday that students can now bring their firearms to class. This decision is now generating heated debate in the Austin community.

Yes, education before health!

(opinion) A breath of fresh air on the changes that are needed on our education system.

The discovery of gravitational waves

A few weeks after the 100 years of Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity, a team of scientists in the United States was able to prove the existence of gravitational waves.

The 3rd edition of the “CREATE YOUR CITY” technological competition is launched

The “CREATE YOUR CITY” competition, now in its 3rd edition, aims to stimulate the creativity of young people interested in technology. It is aimed at high school, college and university students.

Classrooms without a teacher for 2020?

The Tablettistes conference today explores the challenges of learning in the 21st century. Follow the #innovtfo tag on Twitter.

5 types of TNI use in Quebec schools

On February 4, Ghislain Samson and Sonia Lefebvre, professors at UQTR, presented the results of their research on the impacts of using the interactive whiteboard. What are the teaching practices of primary and secondary school teachers who integrate it into their teaching? This is what their study wanted to detail.

Disappearance of single-use plastic bags

Several countries want to get rid of this scourge. Single-use plastic bags, donated or sold at store checkouts in France, are living their last days.

Back in the past!

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