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The École branchée offers you its best wishes!

We will be taking a break during the holiday season and will be back on January 6th. Looking forward to meeting you again! Until then, have wonderful family moments! Receive our best wishes for health, happiness and prosperity!

Discover SciMag, a scientific magazine for iPad

SciMag is a fun and interactive application by CREO. Its first edition invites young people aged 8 to 12 to discover the science of autumn and its second, that of winter.

UQAM researchers demonstrate the effectiveness of the game Slice Fractions

In particular, they found that it allows Grade 3 students to reach the level of Grade 4 students in understanding fractions after only 3 hours of play!

Mobile devices popular with Quebecers for their versatility

At the same time communication devices, entertainment stations, transactional tools, in short real miniature computers, smart phones and digital tablets have become essential in the lives of many Quebecers. This part of the NETendances 2015 survey provides a detailed portrait of mobility in Quebec.

XtraMath: a free online resource to help elementary school students memorize operating tables

Very popular in the United States, XtraMath adapts to the abilities of each student and provides detailed reports for teachers and parents. A French version of the tool has recently been put online.

America's Educational Technology Plan for 2016

At the end of the year, it's time for reviews, but also for resolutions and projects. The US government has just unveiled its educational technology plan for the coming year.

Wuxia the fox: When the paper book and the digital application meet

This children's story, uniting the paper book with an iPad app, features voice recognition technology that is read aloud and triggers musical tracks, sound effects and interactive scenes. The first volume has just been officially launched in Quebec.

On December 14, 1911, Amundsen reached the South Pole

On December 14, 1911, the team of Norwegian Roald Amundsen was the first to reach the South Pole. He thus beats his rival the Briton Robert Falcon Scott.

3rd edition of the Les Tablettistes conference in Toronto

The 3rd edition of the Les Tablettistes conference will be held on February 17, 2016 in Toronto. It is a bilingual conference organized by Groupe Média TFO.

The Desjardins Foundation, a new ally for Allô prof

Allô prof now has a new ally who will allow the homework and lesson assistance organization to increase the scope of its mission to Quebec students and their parents, who are increasingly calling on it.

CADRE21: Objective of enhancing the professional development of teachers

Today we are discussing with Jacques Cool the upcoming opening and objectives of CADRE21, a place dedicated to promoting the professional development of teachers in Quebec, but also in the Canadian and even international Francophonie. A podcast interview of the series "The educational meetings of the École branchée".

Parties at the Électrium: energizing - and free - for the whole family

From December 27 to 30, 2015 and from January 3 to 5, 2016, budding scientists will be able to participate in workshops exploring several scientific concepts.

The essential Carrefour education educational resources search engine is getting a makeover

The Carrefour education website team offers its visitors a nice gift before the holidays: a whole new look that gives it a youthful look!

Carefully select primary readings using the Open Books site

To become competent readers, students must be brought into contact with a variety of texts. How to select them well? To achieve this, the Quebec Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research (MEESR) suggests consulting the Open Books site.

TFO clearing in Quebec until January 14

Aimed at children and adults eager for intelligent entertainment, TFO is available free of charge in Quebec until January 14, 2016 to Videotron, Telus, Bell and Cogeco subscribers.

Bringing new educational trends to life in the community: A summit intended for school executives

From April 24-27, 2016, the uLead Education Leadership Summit, a professional development event for principals, will be held in Banff, Alberta.

December 8, 1980 died a music legend

On December 8, 1980 on his way home, John Lennon, former member of The Beatles and iconic singer of an entire generation, was shot at point blank range by a "fan".

It's time to code!

The annual International Hour of Code event is back as an activity to familiarize students with computer science.

Dronology 101: Preparing the educational ground

You've certainly heard of the advent of drones in the global tech landscape. Many are already interested in exploring its educational and pedagogical virtues!

Portrait of Stephen Harper naked: political art?

The painting depicting the naked former Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper was sold for 20,000 $ this week. Let's take a closer look at what this work represents.

Back in the past!

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