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Oslo: electric car paradise

In Norway, almost one in five cars sold is fully electric. This is a unique situation in the world.

Pay-per-view science with Télé-Québec in the classroom

In the spring of 2015, Télé-Québec en classe and ChallengeU launched their science and technology kits for the 2nd and 3rd cycles of primary.

Renewable energies: a solution to global warming?

A few weeks before the international conference in Paris on the climate, various speakers are loud and clear that renewable energies are the solution to limit global warming.

Academos and MaTV invite young people to express their views on their future prospects

The Academos organization and the MAtv Montreal station are collaborating this fall on the Laboratoire television program and inviting young people to express themselves on issues that affect their future.

An almost perfect educational dinner (#USPPP) in Sherbrooke

Thursday, November 26, Chez Renaud, Gourmet counter. Mandatory reservation. Details here!

Survey - Guide and review of the impact of massive open online courses (MOOCs) in French-speaking Canada

The Francophone Distance Learning Network of Canada (REFAD) will publish in spring 2016 a guide on open and massive online courses (CLOM) and their impact on distance learning.

November, Financial Literacy Month #MLF2015

November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada. On this occasion, we can take the opportunity to discover some interesting resources to talk about in class!

AQUOPS extends its call for workshops until November 5

If you missed the date of November 1st, know that you still have a chance to submit a workshop proposal for the 34th AQUOPS conference!

Perseverance and distance learning: are we doing enough?

Invitation to participate free of charge at the REFAD distance training techno-pedagogical exchange table on November 19.

STEM education at the heart of the White House's priorities

A few days ago, the United States government released its strategy to develop American innovation, where education in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) occupies an important place. What are the reasons?

A helping hand for success at school

School Help is a service that offers one-off or regular support for children from preschool to university. It offers support for homework help and development in the form of individualized and personalized courses in all subjects.

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