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End of the one-child policy in China

China yesterday announced the abolition of its one-child policy, allowing all Chinese couples to no longer be limited to one offspring.

The TacTIC team to support the transformation of schools into the digital age

The Ontario Ministry of Education created the TacTIC team last year. These pedagogical “leaders” are specially mandated to support the schools of the French-language school boards in the province in their turn towards the digital age.

For a long time I was bored at school

It is the title of a book written by Lola Vanier, a young Frenchwoman aged 28. She is not a teacher, but in this era of dominance of pedagogical trends centered on the student, it deserves that we are interested to see if we are aiming for the right objectives.

The NFB invites high school classes to 3 virtual activities, including one with Chris Hadfield

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is offering three virtual classes this year allowing Francophone and Anglophone students across the country to deepen their knowledge in areas such as Canadian history, Indigenous issues, humanities, science, and other subjects.

Indigenous peoples of Canada

The program Enquête de Ici Radio-Canada Télé exposed, last Thursday, October 22, 2015, the problem experienced by Aboriginal women in certain regions of Quebec. The program spoke of the abuse suffered by some women at the hands of law enforcement officers.

A new toolbox to facilitate learning through entrepreneurship

How to promote student learning by developing motivation, a sense of responsibility and academic perseverance? The implementation of entrepreneurial projects is proving to be an avenue that is proven daily in schools in Quebec.

The social network Academos launches a mobilization call to recruit 600 mentors

As part of the Grand Recruitment Academos 2015-2016, the organization is particularly looking in the health, science and technology sectors.

Ecological engineering, when nature saves nature

Ecological engineering affects companies during the development of their work projects. Let's see what actions, means and tools are available to them.

October: Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Today we invite you to discover the new resources for teachers offered by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Children and screens: what do pediatricians think?

Faced with the increase in the use of technology among children, many parents and school workers are wondering whether we should limit the number of hours spent online and in front of screens. The American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) provides advice, guidance and details on this subject.

Reminder: submit a workshop to the 34th AQUOPS conference before November 1st!

Here is some important information about the call for workshops for the next AQUOPS (Quebec Association of Elementary-Secondary Computer Users) conference.

Educational activities carried out using mobile technologies

This article supplements the December 2015 issue of École branchée magazine. The dossier “The basics of mobile technologies (or“ Mobility for dummies! ”)” Is an achievement of REFAD.

A new comic book of the adventures of Asterix has just been released!

Yesterday, the world launch of Asterix's new album, Le papyrus de César, took place. This is the 36th album featuring the famous Gaul.

Guys Corner: Online support specifically for adolescent males

On October 8, Kids Help Phone, with support from the Movember Foundation, launched Guys Corner, an online support area and specialist referral service offering boys ages 14 to 18 a place to go when 'they are going through difficult times.

Take control of your image and reputation online

TELUS is launching an online reputation awareness program for high school and post-secondary students that includes great tips.

Reminder: call for workshops for the iPad Summit until November 13

The organizers of the upcoming iPad and Digital Education Summit remind us that the deadline for submitting communication proposals ...

University of Sherbrooke and UQAM researchers tackle students' declining interest in science and technology

This survey sheds new light on the factors that influence elementary and secondary students' interest in S&T in school.

Back to the future: It's today!

In 1989, the film Back to the Future 2, in which a time traveling car started from 1985 and arrived on October 21, 2015, premiered. Twenty-six years later, let's take a closer look at how this cult sci-fi film was groundbreaking in predicting the technologies now possible in 2015.

Google is testing a virtual reality platform for schools

Google has started testing a virtual reality platform that makes it possible to visit, for educational purposes and using a smartphone, more than 100 places that are sometimes otherwise inaccessible.

REFER: 3rd edition of this celebration of humanism in digital education

The Rendezvous of Francophone Schools in a Network (REFER) returns for a third edition throughout the Francophonie. Save the dates of March 17 and 18, 2016 to attend in person by registering now. Certain activities will also be webcast.

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