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La Grande Secousse 2015: what to do in the event of an earthquake

The exercise will take place on October 15 at 10:15 a.m.

The planet is barricaded!

More and more present, especially because of the migrant crisis, walls are being erected in many countries to protect borders.

Receive an ICT professional in your secondary 3 to 5 class

The Techno Visits to secondary schools of the TECHNOCompétences organization are back for a 5th edition. They will take place this fall, from October 19 to December 18, 2015 or in the spring of 2016.

Literacy for young people on the Web: a necessity for today's schools

It is not true that because young people are born with the Internet, they know how to use it wisely. This is what more and more studies are showing, which no longer leaves the choice to the school to worry about it.

Éditions Chouette and the Jasmin Roy Foundation join forces against bullying

As part of this week against bullying, Les Éditions Chouette undertakes to donate 1 $ for all Caillou books sold to the Jasmin Roy Foundation, in addition to launching its new title on the subject: Caillou is afraid of Théo .

Academos, the social network for guidance, back this year

For more than 15 years, the Academos organization has supported young people in their professional orientation and has offered a mentoring service.

A virtual exhibition on the traces of a fortified Abenaki village

The Musée des Abénakis offers a new free and bilingual virtual exhibition. It will help support and materialize social learning.

5,500 copies of the École branchée offered to schools in Quebec

To celebrate the start of the new school year and promote the integration of ICT in the service of learning, the 72 school boards of Quebec and the private schools of the FÉEP network have received or will soon receive a precious shipment: free copies of the magazine École branchée to distribute in their schools!

Call for papers - REFAD 2016 conference

REFAD is currently looking for presenters for its annual conference which will take place in Ottawa on May 26th and 27th.

68th ACELF CONGRESS: “In French? With pleasure! "

The full program is available at: acelf.ca/congres. It is possible to follow him on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag: #congresacelf.

A Quebec laboratory on educational robotics

This fall, the Technology-Education Showcase will focus on the educational benefits of robotics through a series of laboratory activities for teachers and education professionals at the secondary, college and university levels.

The Sun, Earth and Moon perfectly aligned

In the night from Sunday to next Monday, it will be possible to observe two astronomical phenomena associated with the Moon: a total eclipse and a super Moon.

Launch of the Reading Season - School perseverance for young people: the importance of reading

On the occasion of the start of the school year and as a partner of the Reading Season, Montreal Success Network (RRM) wishes to recall the importance of reading in the academic perseverance of our young people.

An electoral simulation to interest young people in the 2015 federal campaign

CIVIX, a non-partisan charity whose mission is to inspire young Canadians to become informed and engaged citizens, invites elementary and secondary schools to register for Student Vote 2015.

Launch of the annual Adopt-a-School program of the Indigo Foundation for the Love of Reading

The campaign's goal is to deliver a book to all elementary school students across the country.

The Superprof site: the "Uber" for private lessons

The Superprof service team provides a platform through which talents are exchanged! Indeed, you can register to offer courses in a particular discipline, but you can also find the perfect teacher.

Google comes to the rescue of elephants in Kenya

Google is helping to protect pachyderms with the arrival of new three-dimensional maps. Let's see how this new technology will help protect elephants as well as their habitat.

The “webinar”, a modern and accessible version of the seminar!

Short training sessions offered by an expert or planned discussions on a specific topic: this is what "webinars" offer, modern online seminars. Portrait of a way to share knowledge in the 2.0 era!

OECD recalls that investing heavily in technology is not enough to guarantee academic success

In a recently released report, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) says countries need to adopt new ways to better harness the opportunities offered by ICTs.

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