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CEFRIO examines how digital can improve learning

The CEFRIO yesterday published the summary of a research project on digital technologies in Quebec schools.

Learning Together, a Tool to Guide the Effective Implementation of Classroom Cooperation

Andréanne DuBois, trainer in cooperative and complex learning, and her colleague Mathieu Gauthier have created an application called Apprendre ensemble, which offers a series of reflections aimed at planning and implementing a learning sequence, in the form of collaborative work. effective.

Who are the great champions of the 2015 La Dictée PGL International Grand Final?

MONTREAL, May 25, 2015 - On May 24, the International Grand Final took place as part of La Dictée PGL organized ...

Adding a real portion to virtual games: a winning educational combination

A recent American study shows that video games created for learning purposes reach their optimal educational potential when they include a portion that takes place in the “real”, and not only in the “virtual”.

Opening of the new World Trade Center observatory

Fourteen years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, in which New York's Twin Towers were destroyed, the new World Trade Center observatory opens its doors to visitors. Let's take a closer look at this spectacular skyscraper.

France: a young "startup" gamifies the revision of the history baccalaureate for high school students

EduQuest - Bac Histoire 2015, the new application of EduQuest SAS, allows high school students to revise the history bac in an innovative way through the use of video game mechanisms to motivate students and improve learning. It is available on the App Store and will soon be on Google Play.

Cycle 3 youth prepare to represent Canada at the World Robot Olympiad

From November 6 to 8, 5 teams of students will represent Canada at the Word Robot Olympiad, in Qatar. Interview with Marie-Élaine Boisclair, elementary computer teacher and mentor for the junior team.

Facebook Launches AMBER Alert System in Canada on International Day of Missing Children

A new distribution system that will send comprehensive and targeted alerts to the Facebook community

Being a parent in the digital age: you can learn it! (call for workshops)

We are currently looking for speakers for the 3rd edition of the Parents Conference, which will take place on Saturday, November 28, 2015 at Collège Saint-Jean-Vianney, in Montreal.

"Moutondeuses" maintain the lawn of the Reford Gardens

Ten young sheep will maintain, throughout the summer, the lawns of the Jardins de Métis in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. Let's take a closer look at this eco-grazing project which will make it possible to avoid the use of gasoline mowers.

The characteristics to look for and those to avoid in order to find truly educational ICTs

The term "educational" is associated with several applications as well as several technologies. Beyond marketing and the craze for novelty, how to judge their real educational potential? A study attempts to identify its characteristics.

Indigenous students learn about entrepreneurship through national business plan competition

BDC announces the winners of its 2015 E-Spirit business plan competition. A school in Sept-Îles is one of them!

France: professional gestures in primary school

Mr. Jacques Fraschini, a school teacher (the equivalent of an elementary school teacher in Canada), recently founded a blog entitled ": Professional gestures in elementary school". Its objective is to make a documentary synthesis concerning specific gestures.

Talk evenings on Twitter: #EduPrim and #EduSec conclude their first season

What do the connected primary teachers do on Wednesdays from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.? And those in high school, Thursday at the same time? They're chatting on Twitter!

A rain of spiders in Australia

Over the past few days, several have shared on social media a particular phenomenon that has occurred in Australia recently: millions of spiders falling from the sky. Let's take a closer look at why this happened.

Sharing tablets in the classroom: an economical and educational solution?

Beyond participating in reducing the costs of acquiring school materials, it would seem that sharing technological tools would be beneficial in terms of learning.

Studyo becomes the first company focused on the needs of the pre-college environment to result from the FounderFuel acceleration program

The FounderFuel program, which accelerates start-up companies with great potential, has recognized the ability of the Studyo team to innovate in the school environment.

EdCamp Quebec: a record participation for the third edition

The third edition of EdCamp Quebec took place on Friday May 15th. Bringing together more than 120 people (130 had registered), the event made it possible, as every year, to respond to the real concerns of educators on site.

Merits of French in IT: MieuxEnseigner.ca takes the prize in the Websites, small and medium-sized businesses category

The Mérites du français and the Camille-Laurin prize were awarded on the occasion of the Merits Evening and the Francopub prizes, which was ...

An intelligent dressing and a study of the abrasion of pale river turbines allow three Quebecers to distinguish themselves among the best ...

Here are the results and prizes obtained by the 40 Quebecers who participated in the Canada-wide Science Fair this week. Sandrine Bayard, from the Côte-Nord, as well as Frédéric Maltais and Patrick Levesque, from Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean have obtained several interesting distinctions.

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