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The National Reading Competition will be played across the Canadian Francophonie for the first time

Building on its success with Quebec schools, the National Reading Competition is today opening, as part of its 8th edition, a second chapter in its history by involving Francophone schools outside Quebec.

A global water shortage in a few years

The United Nations (UN) revealed last Friday that the planet could experience a water shortage of around 40%.

Quebec schools make the Francophonie vibrate

QUEBEC, March 20, 2015 - On this International Day of La Francophonie, the Canadian Association for French Language Education (ACELF) is pleased to unveil ...

Between humanism and utilitarianism: the REFER webcast

Since yesterday and until #039; at the end of the afternoon, the Rendez-vous des écoles francophones en network (REFER) is held, in Quebec and elsewhere from ...

Tunis hit by a terrorist attack

After Ottawa, Paris and Sydney, it is the turn of Tunis, the capital of Tunisia to be affected by a terrorist attack. This act of terror claimed by the Islamic State group has been widely denounced by many powers including France and the United Kingdom.

53 strategies to get started with blended learning in videos

Eleven American teachers reveal 53 strategies for leveraging blended learning in elementary and secondary schools. Each is explained in a video specially designed for teachers wishing to take their first steps in the method or develop their approach.

Go out of class to paint a big picture

Le Grand tableau and La Sortie de classe are new webseries whose goal is to spread a positive vision of education by promoting the success of various school stakeholders from all over Quebec.

Math Day 2015: 68,000 students participated in the most stimulating math review session of the year!

No less than 68,000 students from 1087 schools in Quebec and 141 schools in Ontario participated in the contest surrounding Maths Day, culminating on March 14 (Pi Day) with the announcement of the winners.

Web seminar: the importance of good communication between parents and teachers

The next School Success Webinar will take place on March 24 at 7:00 p.m. and will discuss the importance of good communication between parents and teachers. Registration is compulsory, but free!

The opinion gauge: The result of collaborative work between teachers… on break!

What do teachers do during spring break? Many continue to innovate for students! Here is the story of the collaborative construction during this week of a gauge allowing the participants of a debate to indicate and modify their opinion in real time.

Friday March 20, 2015: Solar Eclipse

This Friday, the Earth, the Moon and the Sun will be perfectly aligned in several European countries. Let's take a closer look at how this solar eclipse will occur and what to do to safely observe it.

Intergenerational video contest #J'te CLIP

The Fondation Institut de gériatrie de Montréal is launching the first edition of the #J'te CLIP intergenerational video competition. This competition invites 13 to 25 year olds to make a clip on an elder in their entourage in order to put him in the spotlight. The clips will be evaluated by a jury co-chaired by an intergenerational trio: Raphaël Grenier-Benoît, Vincent Graton and Jean-Pierre Coallier.

5th anniversary of the IMAGE / in Prize: the finalists are announced!

In Quebec, 50 % of young people do not like their body. Three out of four women want to lose weight, and a quarter of men want to change their figure. Is it so surprising when you think about the unrealistic standards of our society? The IMAGE / in Prize congratulates Quebec companies in favor of a healthy and diversified representation of the body in the world of fashion, media and advertising.

News from AQUOPS

Here is some news regarding the upcoming 33rd AQUOPS conference. The Quebec Association of Primary - Secondary Computer Users (AQUOPS) is happy ...

The #GESTE2015: A day to discuss ICT in education

Today, March 13, ICT respondents from the Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FÉEP) meet at the Saint-Joseph Seminary in Trois-Rivières in a special format called GESTE: Groupe d'Échanges Spontanés sur les Tic en Éducation. We are watching the #geste2015 hashtag on Twitter.

An expert answers 5 questions about the use of video games in the classroom

Do Video Games Improve Learning? Are they beneficial for the social capital of the students? Where to start to use them? What challenges can we expect? What can we say to skeptical parents about their use in an educational context? A specialist answers these 5 questions.

Around the world in a solar plane

The Solar Impulse plane which took off Monday morning from Abu Dhabi is about to circle the world using only solar energy as fuel. Let's take a closer look at this project.

Saturday is Pi Day!

The day of what? Yes, the number Pi, 3.1416… Considering the approximation 3.14, this corresponds in American date format to March 14th. For two years in Quebec, this day has been celebrated by announcing the winners of the Math Day contest. Did your classes participate? It is not too late!

A card game to promote women in science

A crowdfunding campaign to promote science to girls has just been launched on the website and 50 % of the proceeds will be donated to science promotion associations.

March: month of the Francophonie

The month of March is synonymous with Francophonie and many activities are offered to schools in this regard. Here are a few.

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