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Happy Holidays to all!

At the end of 2014, the L'École branchée team is also taking a break and will be back on January 5! Best wishes to all our readers!

1088 schools receive Antidote for Christmas

In time for Christmas, 1,088 schools in Quebec, elsewhere in Canada and in Belgium, will receive a free license to install Antidote, Druide informatique's flagship French writing aid software, on ten computers.

Top 10 Favorite Apps for Teachers

2014 is coming to an end and the “tops” are in fashion! Here in turn is the “top 10” of the favorite applications of French-speaking teachers in this first half of the school year.

Free or low-cost computers for your classroom: they exist!

Thinking about your IT equipment needs? Did you know that OPEQ is an organization that recycles old computers to offer them free, or at a lower cost, to schools, daycare centers, libraries and non-profit organizations. Why do without it?

Adventurer Frédéric Dion reaches central Antarctica solo

After 2100 kilometers traveled alone in Antarctica, Frédéric Dion became on Monday December 15 the first man to reach the South Pole alone. Let's take a closer look at this feat.

3 rules to stimulate learning

Stimulate the imagination and promote student learning, easy to say, not necessarily to do. Chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam has shared the time of a "TED Talk" his 3 rules to achieve this.

Winning strategies to promote professional development

Recently, on the American site eSchool News, one could read a report on the strategies of professional development proposed to the teachers of the elementary school Grand Oak (North Carolina). Many good ideas to reproduce in our circles.

December 15, 1917: Russia signs an armistice

97 years ago, the First World War ended for one of these actors. Russia and the Central Empires were negotiating a separate peace. This separate peace was the result of the start of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, it would lead to the birth of a panoply of countries.

60 minutes to learn to code!

More than 60 million people have already participated in "The Hour of Code" organized during the week of computer education which takes place from December 8 to 14, 2014. For 60 minutes, the participants are invited to learn coding through various interactive, fun and free activities.

Anger spreads in the United States over police blunders

For several days, demonstrations have been held in various major American cities to denounce police blunders involving blacks. Let's take a closer look at what's going on in the United States right now.

Disney launches Imagicademy

Animation giant Disney will launch Imagicademy, a series of new educational mobile applications, on December 11.

Create your city: companies are throwing technology challenges for schools

MONTREAL, Dec. 2014 / CNW Telbec / - Cégep Gérald-Godin and its partners are launching the 2nd edition of CRÉE TA VILLE, a competition for techno projects ...

Advantages and difficulties linked to tablets in the classroom: 50 teachers confide in them (continued)

Continuation of the small survey of teachers concerning tablets in the classroom. Today, we analyze the answers to the question: What is the biggest difficulty you have encountered when implementing tablets in the classroom?

Advantages and difficulties of tablets in the classroom: 50 teachers confide in

Our collaborator, Brigitte Léonard, carried out a small survey concerning tablets with her network, of which she gives us the results. Today, she analyzes the answers to the question: What do you think is the biggest benefit of using tablets in the classroom?

L & #039; Ermitage celebrates its 250th anniversary

The Hermitage is one of the largest museums in the world and is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year. Let's move to Russia to get to know this museum, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site better.

10 educational trends to watch in 2015

In 2014, it was probably the MOOCs and the flipped classroom that enjoyed the greatest visibility in terms of educational potential. What are the educational trends we will hear about in 2015 and in the years to come? Answers may be found in a recent report.

The short ladder is back!

Good news for children's literature, the activities of the publishing house "the short scale" will resume their normal course over the next few weeks.

The increasingly popular Chromebook in American schools

Various data relating to the sale of tablets intended for American educational establishments show that the Chromebook laptop is on the way to overtaking the iPad tablet in the United States.

25 years after the tragedy of the Polytechnique

On December 6, 1989, Quebec was experiencing one of its worst killings. Twenty-five years later, how have things changed? What actions have the authorities taken to prevent such a tragedy from happening again? How did this event change the lives of those who lived it?

Internet in Quebec: 25 years already!

By linking Quebec universities, the Quebec Scientific Information Network (RISQ) pioneered the Internet in Quebec

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