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EtiGliss - Teacher

  EtiGliss allows the primary school teacher, in a few easy manipulations, to create interactive exercises of the "label" type which can be loaded ...

Camelea like the gull

Caméléa is a free interactive book for preschoolers offered by the Quebec publisher Caméléa. After a particularly lively day of celebration, Caméléa feels so ...


It is an application of Alternative and Augmented communication (AAC) which associates pictograms and keyboard to build sentences and make them pronounce by the ...

Tclass +

This software allows the broadcasting of multimedia content from the teacher's tablet to the student tablets under his control. Download Android Free

Animated Studio

Easy to use, Studio Animé allows you to create an animation from geometric shapes. The "easy" mode allows you to create an animation ...

The 27th AQEP Congress is upon us

Until December 8, register for the 27th congress of the Association of Elementary Teachers, which will take place from December 10 to 12 in Quebec City under the theme "My profession, my training, my choices!" ".

CEFRIO unveils the results of the "current affairs and news" section of its NETendances survey

Viewing news and news from a mobile device (smart phone, tablets or digital e-readers, etc.) is a growing trend in Quebec in 2014. In addition, the Internet is on the way to establishing itself as the main source. of information.

A platform for the sale of educational materials for teachers

After Ebay for selling your used items yourself and Etsy for your artistic creations, here is MieuxEnseigner.com, the platform for selling (or free sharing) educational material created by teachers!

Sow life to give meaning to death

Waiting lists for organ donation are growing in several countries and, with the aging of the population, this situation is likely to continue for a long time to come. Let's see why it is important to be aware of this cause, at any age.

Acadiepédia at the Francophonie Summit

Until Sunday, Dakar is in "summit" mode for the 15th Francophonie Summit in Senegal. A delegation from New Brunswick, including teachers, takes part in the activities and demonstrates the impact of their “Acadiepedia, taking its place on the Web” project.

Learning a new language: possible and beneficial at any age

For cognitive reasons, it is often easier for children to learn a foreign language than for adults. A recent study indicates that the benefits of learning a new language on the brain are significant, for both children and adults.

WIXX: Last week to submit your video and experience your "Moment of Glory!" "

Montreal, November 24, 2014 - WIXX's Moment of Glory social initiative is drawing to a close, and we are at the last ...

QR codes in the classroom, more powerful than you might imagine

During the last RÉCIT joint and collaborative training in Victoriaville, Claude Frenette offered a workshop on QR codes and their usefulness in the classroom. On the RÉCIT website, there is a summary of the main lines seen during this training.

World hunger

From November 19 to 21, the World Health Organization (OSM) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) met in Rome to reach consensus on how to tackle world hunger . Their objective: to achieve a global target in 2025 in terms of nutrition.

Have your say on UNESCO's upcoming education indicators

Until January 30, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) invites you to vote on the next education indicators.

Read and write with digital books

This dossier is about the digital book: description, formats and creation. Indeed, technological integration in schools raises a whole range of challenges and many teachers and managers are interested in digital books as a way of communicating information, but also as a support for student achievements.

Contest @nime ta francophonie: Present an inspiring model

Participate by using the creativity of your students to design a video of less than 3 minutes on the theme "An inspiring model!" Present a committed personality who has a positive impact on the Francophone fact in your community ”.

Ontario students have superior computer and information literacy, according to first such international test

Twenty countries took part in the 2013 International Computer and Information Literacy Survey. In Canada, only two provinces participated: Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador. The average score for Ontario students (547) was significantly higher than the international average score (500).

The Convention on the Rights of the Child turns 25 today!

The signing of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child took place on November 20, 1989. Since that day, the commemoration of this event is marked every year on the same date and is known as World Children's Day.

The links between musical rhythm and grammar

There is a correlation between a child's ability to understand grammar rules and his ability to distinguish musical rhythms. This is shown by a study carried out in the United States.

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