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The Jacques Cartier talks on school perseverance in a free webcast

On October 2 and 3, Symposium 25 - School perseverance: The conditions for deploying best practices will be held. It will be possible to attend the plenaries and opening and closing speeches free of charge by webcast.

Croque-livres, the first Quebec network of book-sharing boxes for 0-12 year olds

Inspired by the North American movement "Take a book or give a book", the Croque-livres initiative offers children in Quebec free access to shared books. Adopted and supported by organizations, institutions, businesses and even individuals, the Croque-livres are a privileged opportunity for books and children to meet.

Leonardo da Vinci did not paint alone

According to a recent study, the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci would have realized "The Adoration of the Magi" with collaborators. Let us take a closer look at this work of the great master.

UNESCO online debate on mobile learning: passion and nuance meet

UNESCO hosted an original, fully online debate on the future of mobile learning. It pitted Steve Vosloo of South Africa against Osama Manzar of India. The event was held as part of the Oxford Union debates.

edcampMTL: The dean of edcamps in Quebec will hold its 3rd edition on November 8

The 3rd edition of campEd Montreal will take place on November 8, 2014, at the Lionel-Groulx school in Longueuil. The cost is 19.14 $ and covers ...

TFO Education rewards two teachers for their avant-garde in digital education

Groupe Média TFO presented the 2014 TFO Education Teaching Prize to Sylvie Lefebvre and Brigitte Béland-Parent, both teachers at Saint-Joseph Catholic Elementary School in Orléans.

Canada's French-language education in the spotlight at the 67th ACELF Congress

The annual conference of the Association canadienne de langue française (ACELF) opened last night. It continues until tomorrow in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Rendezvous of Francophone Schools in a Network (REFER) is back for a 2nd edition

Given the success of 2014, the REFER will be officially back in 2015, on March 19 and 20. Save these dates in your calendar!

Death of the great comic Gilles Latulippe

The famous Quebec comedian Gilles Latulippe died last Tuesday. Let's see why this great humorist was considered the king of burlesque.

The UN Climate Summit in New York

The United Nations Climate Summit was held in New York yesterday. Bringing together more than 120 heads of state and government, this event set the stage for the next big event concerning climate change, that is to say the World Climate Conference in Paris which will take place at the end. 2015.

Academos: A first social orientation network for young people in Quebec

Academos officially launched this week the first mobile social network for educational and vocational guidance for young Quebecers aged 14 to 30.

Spotted: from crisis management by schools to empowering students

In recent years, the Spotted Facebook pages of some Quebec schools have often been a breeding ground for cyberbullying. But what about at the start of the new school year?

European Heritage Days

Last weekend, for the 31st consecutive year, the European Days of Cultural Heritage took place. Let's take the opportunity to discover the gems of Europe which are certainly less known, but so rich in heritage.

An open and free online course on the design of educational activities with ICT

On October 27, the third edition of the MOOC “Learning Design Studio for ICT¬based Learning Activities” will begin, offered in 6 languages, including French. Two TELUQ students will act as facilitators.

FACIL celebrates International Free Software Day at CRIM on Saturday

FACIL, for the collective appropriation of free computing (FACIL) invites the general public as well as the actors of the free community to converge at the Center de recherche informatique de Montréal (CRIM), on Saturday, September 20, 2014, to celebrate International Free Software Day (JILL). This event, which inaugurates the Quebec Free Computing Week (SQIL).

Exciting workshops at the 58th congress of the Mathematical Association of Quebec

The Mathematical Association of Quebec (AMQ) is a group made up of mathematics enthusiasts. It is mainly composed of mathematicians, university researchers, teachers of all levels as well as students interested in this discipline.

A serious game to make children aware of drinking water

The Kézakeau? Platform, which helps to train and inform children while offering them fun, provides them with an online educational video game, “SOS Mission eau”, also available on tablet. This interactive game consists of making them rebuild the drinking water distribution network, destroyed by the evil Dr. Dry.

Urban Outfitters: the bloody sweater that stains

Clothing company Urban Outfitters has put a controversial piece of clothing up for sale online. Let's take a closer look at why this bloody-looking Kent State University sweater is in the news so much.

Soon drones at school?

We hear more and more about these flying devices used in particular for taking aerial photographs and video. Here is a New Brunswick school principal taking an interest in it for educational purposes.

“Change: a great challenge! "

During the last of the 5 research meetings of the Canadian Education Association (ACE-CEA), which took place on August 20, 2014 in Montreal, many changes were discussed. Change in vision, change in perception, change in education, but above all in the need for these changes.

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