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What is a digital resource?

On the occasion of the Ludovia Summer University, one of the round tables helped define, from various points of view, what a digital resource is. Here are the various answers. Which do you subscribe to?

TwittMOOC: learning Twitter as a professional development tool for teachers

In the “Fabcamp and digital souk” area of the Ludovia Summer University, you can discover tools or hands-on projects in a very user-friendly way. This is how I participated in a presentation-discussion about TwittMOOC, moderated by teacher Stéphanie de Vanssay.

TransiMOOC: digital content by and for young people to prevent dropping out

As part of the Ludovia Summer University, Infobourg observes digital issues in education from a Quebec perspective. Our columns will allow you to follow part of the discussions. Today, a favorite idea to fight against dropping out.

Ludovia 2014: "Education doesn't need inventors"

The Ludovia Summer University takes place from August 25 to 27. Infobourg is on site to observe and compare digital issues in education from a Quebec perspective. Our columns will allow you to follow part of the discussions.

EdTechTeacher Summit 2014: Exploring Technological Innovations and Reshaping Teaching and Learning

Some Quebecers had the chance to attend the 1st EdTechTeacher Summit, which was held from July 28 to 30 in Chicago. A look back at the event and its key conferences.

Vigilance on the net: a free toolkit for teachers

Cyberbullying, computer viruses, identity theft, social networks… So many things that you would like to discuss with your students, without knowing where to start? The company Vidéotron offers a free educational kit to each school, on request, to support interventions in this direction.

The tablet to promote a taste for reading in young people

Recent work by researcher Thierry Karsenti has enabled him to highlight an interesting fact: young people with a tablet say they read “for pleasure” in a proportion of 30 %, unlike 5 % for those who do not have one.

Les Persévérants on curio.ca and TV5 Monde

The six-program docu-drama that follows the journey of nine teenagers aged 13 to 15 at high risk of dropping out will also be rebroadcast on ICI RDI from September 1 to 6, 2014.

ICT camps prepare teachers for a techno start!

From August 12 to 15, dozens of teachers from the Capitale Nationale and Chaudière-Appalaches regions voluntarily shortened their vacations to participate in the annual Camp TIC, a professional development event.

Edutechno: A new tool for trendy teachers!

The Edutechno portal is a brand new online service offering a variety of digital resources for primary school, which can be used on all platforms: computer, interactive whiteboard and tablet.

A MOOC on the use of ICT for primary school workers

In early summer 2014, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) inaugurated, in collaboration with the Institute of Education of the University of London, a first MOOC on teaching and use of ICT at primary level. Both theoretical and practical, this MOOC takes place on the Coursera platform.

Quebec households with more equipped and more connected children (NETendances 2014)

Quebec households are increasingly equipped with mobile devices, whether they are smart phones or digital tablets. In 2014, nearly one in two households (45 %) is now equipped with an electronic tablet, a significant increase compared to 2013, when only 27 % of households had one. The digital tablet is more present in households with child (ren) (64 %) than in households without children (35 %).

The SAMR model for administrators

The SAMR theoretical model is often associated with the teacher and the technological integration he does in his classroom. Could a school principal also use it to redefine his use of technology and thus be a leader for his team? Here is the example of a director who took the bull by the horns!

What stands in the way of change in education?

A large group of education leaders will answer this question during a research meeting organized by the Canadian Education Association at UQAM next Wednesday.

Back in the past!

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