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13th Quebec final of the Inventive Genius Challenge

Quebec's best teams compete in a technology competition for high school youth on Saturday, May 31, 2014, starting at 12:30 p.m., at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), in Montreal.

Mountainview Elementary School receives the Purple Ribbon Award from the Jasmin Roy Foundation

A few days before the International Day against Homophobia, the Jasmin Roy Foundation, in partnership with the TD Bank Group, awarded, for the first time to an elementary school, the Purple Ribbon award for the fight against homophobia. at Mountainview Elementary School.

Clip tone 514: 450 young people involved in a film project!

Four hundred and fifty young high school filmmakers participated in the Clip ton 514 project this year. The project achieved a record result for its fifth edition.

The Great Barrier Reef threatened

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is threatened by a development project in a port area. Indeed, entrepreneurs want to use the port to dump their rubble and waste. Let's take a closer look at how the 8th wonder of the world is threatened by this project.

A competition to innovate in education and take action

Acting as a factor for change in education is now within your reach thanks to the pan-Canadian contest “Your turn to classrooms of tomorrow”, in which teachers and their students are invited to produce a video debate or photo essay on the issue.

TICMooc: a course on the integration of digital tools in teaching

TICMooc is a mooc (free online course open to all) on the integration of digital tools in teaching in the service of student learning which is being prepared for next fall. It is now possible to register.

The Ottawa Schools AppJam: Unleash Student Design Talent

Yesterday was the conclusion of the 3rd AppJam, a competition for the creation of mobile applications by high school students in the Ottawa region that allows them to both unleash their creativity and put in touch with possible employers.

Ministers responsible for education and labor market to hold colloquium on skills

This summer, the provincial and territorial ministers responsible for education and the labor market will host a major pan-Canadian skills symposium on July 9-10 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Guantanamo prison will soon be closed

US President Barack Obama continues his campaign to shut down Guantanamo. Let's take a closer look at the situation of this famous prison.

The Quebec Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Council (CPIQ) wants to read you!

The CPIQ last launched its call for papers for the fall edition of its review Learning and Teaching Today, under the theme “The role of the teacher in the 21st century”. Here are the details.

Ludovia 2014: Digital & education, between consumption and creation (call for workshops)

The Ludovia Summer University will be held in Ax-les-Thermes, in Ariège (France), from August 25 to 28. The organizers invite French speakers to come and present their educational work and uses of digital technology in class. Will you be there?

What is behind the "made in Bangladesh"

One year after the Rana Plaza tragedy, have the working conditions of workers really changed? Let's take a closer look at what is really behind the labels of the clothes we wear!

Digital storytelling: creating to learn at all levels, for all subjects

During the last AQUOPS conference, Marc-André Roy, from the National Film Board (ONF), offered a workshop on digital storytelling. Teaching students participated and give us their impressions.

Mobile tablets and co at the heart of the discussions of the 2nd Edcamp Quebec

More than a hundred education professionals gathered for the second edition of Edcamp Quebec, on Friday May 16. Back on the day.

The largest dinosaur fossil has just been discovered

Lately, an unprecedented discovery was made in Argentina. The fossilized remains of the largest known dinosaur have been discovered by paleontologists.

Music contributes to many facets of development

According to the results of several studies, music promotes faster fluency in language and reading, increased concentration ability and helps develop emotional intelligence.

53rd Canada-wide Science Fair: 21 young people from Quebec rewarded

At the end of the Canada-wide Science Fair, which took place from May 10 to 17 in Windsor, 21 young Quebecers stood out.

Global support for kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria

For several weeks now, some 200 high school girls have been kidnapped by the radical Islamist group Boko Haram. Let's take a closer look at the events of the past few days while taking the pulse of the planet on the various actions aimed at supporting the efforts of the authorities to find them safe and sound.

Nearly 40,000 children receive reading as a gift

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the “Reading as a Gift” program, the Literacy Foundation once again succeeds in offering a new book to thousands of children, thanks to generous donations from the general public through hundreds of bookstores. and libraries.

A database listing free and open source software by discipline

The network of college ICT respondents unveiled on May 5 a database listing free and / or free software, which is very useful for all levels of education.

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