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At the end of the Sharpen your gray matter challenge - BIC® Education rewards Maria-Goretti school in Quebec City

In the wake of a friendly competition launched by Pierre Lavoie and which offers young people from all over Quebec the opportunity to "get their brains in shape while having fun", the Maria-Goretti school in Quebec City sees its efforts rewarded by BIC ® Education.

A book fair at school to discover the pleasure of reading

Several schools in Quebec organize book fairs each year at the level of their establishment and welcome authors who come to pass on their passion to young people. Here is the example of a high school that had an exceptional day on April 23.

Comic book character Archie will die this summer

Publisher Archie Comics recently announced that their famous comic book character Archie Andrews is set to heroically die in the July 2014 episode. Who is Archie and what end do the show's writers have in store for him?

Open educational resources: the democratization of resources and knowledge

Pierre Lachance and François Guité led a workshop aimed at initiating a dialogue about open educational resources in Quebec during the last AQUOPS conference. Back to the comments, seen by a teaching student.

Kids Help Phone calls on Canadians to be heroes for young people

Thousands of people are expected in more than 25 communities (including Montreal) across the country to participate in the annual Walk for Youth on May 4.

ICT in WRE: resources to boost teaching

A teacher of ethics and religious culture gives us some of his secrets to energize his course using various tools and technological resources.

Oil exploitation threatens Africa's oldest natural park

The Virunga National Park in Congo is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Despite this, this natural park is threatened since the oil hidden in its soils does not leave the refineries of this world indifferent. Let's find out about the impacts that oil exploitation would have in this region.

For a good note: the opening conference of the last AQUOPS conference seen by teaching students

Teaching students participated in the various activities of the last AQUOPS conference. Here today are their impressions of the opening conference, where it was notably about ICT as aids, the importance of sharing between teachers and telecommunications with the team of the scientific boat Sedna.

Reverse class in science: autonomy and innovative assessment

Marie-Élaine Jobin is a secondary 5 chemistry teacher at Collège Nouvelles Frontières. Since the beginning of the school year, she has been using the flipped classroom with her two groups. She presented her approach at the last AQUOPS conference, including her inspiring evaluation method. Workshop report.

The professional learning community to improve academic performance and success

According to several studies, the professional learning community (CAP) is the key to improving student performance and success. Schools in different Canadian provinces are excited about its positive effects. But in reality, what is a CAP and what does it bring to students?

EduLulu.org: a public service for evaluating educational applications

EduLulu is a new benchmark site for children's mobile applications. Experts in education and technology identify best practices in the world of educational apps and rate and rank those intended for children.

An egalitarian society?

On March 30, Parisian voters overwhelmingly voted for Anne Hidalgo for mayor of Paris, a first in the history of the city. Let us take a closer look at the place of women in politics.

Equinox Blueprint presents a vision for education in the 21st century

Equinox Blueprint Emphasizes Importance of Focusing on High School as United Nations Millennium Development Goals Reach Deadline

Didacti launches a first public learning community for the Quebec school network

On April 11, the Didacti team formalized an update to its platform, which now aspires to constitute the first public learning community for the network of primary and secondary schools in Quebec. Initially, some 15,000 learning activities are accessible free of charge for all teachers and students in the network.

2014: the Civil Rights Act turns 50

The year 2014 marks 50 years since the Civil Rights Act came into force in the United States. Let's take a closer look at how President Barack Obama was inspired by one of his predecessors, Lyndon B. Johnson, known for signing this bill that changed the course of history.

Treat dyslexia and learning disabilities

The exact origin of dyslexia is still unknown, but we know that today 10 % of primary school children suffer from it. A dyslexic child has a learning to read disability that occurs despite normal intelligence, the absence of sensory or neurological disturbances, adequate schooling, and sufficient socio-cultural opportunities.

BYOD at the secondary level: the example of an establishment in the Netherlands

Here's how a secondary school in the Netherlands is harnessing the benefits of having students bring their own mobile device to school (“BYOD”), while minimizing the drawbacks that too often block these initiatives.

Build the School, Create the Future Campaign - Spotlight on those who organize schools in the shadows

It is to highlight the work of professionals in the administrative sector that the Federation of Professional Education Professionals of Quebec, the FPPE-CSQ, has created the Build the School, Create the Future campaign.

The right to vote among young people

A few days ago, Quebeckers voted to elect a new government. This is a privileged way for citizens to exercise their political opinion. The right to vote is granted to adults aged 18 and over who have citizenship, but is it used wisely?

Francophone literature from the Americas at your fingertips

Borrowing free reference books, children's novels, and even comics to read on your computer or tablet is now possible free of charge via the Digital Library of the Francophonie des Amériques, for which registration is free.

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