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Discovery of a new species of freshwater dolphin

Just recently, scientists discovered a new species of freshwater dolphin in Brazil, a first for almost 100 years! Unfortunately, this species is endangered. Let's take a closer look at this river mammal.

10 reasons to use mobile phones in the classroom

While some schools are happy to ban it, the cell phone in the classroom is proving its worth in others! Supported by a good integration strategy, it can prove to be an essential learning and organization tool.

A great portrait of young Canadians and digital media

In 2013, the Habilomedias organization conducted a large survey of 5,436 Canadian students in grades 4 to 11 to measure the importance of networked technologies in their lives.

A new mobile tablet at the service of basic learning

BIC Education, well known for its pens, is making a daring bet by testing a new mobile digital tablet in Quebec specially designed for elementary school children. It is specifically intended to support the acquisition of basic skills, such as handwriting.

Use of TNI and copyright

Since 2012, Bill C-11, An Act to amend the Copyright Act, has been more suited to new or emerging technologies that ...

Demystifying copyright applied to digital works in education

Permitted, not permitted? Fair use? TBI / TNI / tablets? Lost in copyright jargon? Here is a file which, we hope, will help you to see more clearly!

Respecting copyright in education: the basics

It is desirable to know a few elements of copyright in order to determine what is permitted and what is not.

Respect for copyright applied to digital works: not easy, but possible!

All in all, copyright in education is not always easy to pin down. New technologies are increasingly present in our ...

Respect for copyright is not new!

The desire of authors to protect their creations is not new. In fact, the origins of copyright are very distant. Already in ...

Resources offering royalty-free content

Here are some websites to check out to find various resources to use freely in your TNI or other presentations.

Euthanasia of children soon possible in Belgium?

While Quebec is still analyzing the issue of medical assistance in dying, Belgium is studying a bill to authorize euthanasia for minors.

A documentary game to measure the impact of economic and environmental choices on the future of a city

Fort McMoney, launched last November, now offers a second episode. Internet users are invited to take a virtual position on the future of the large-scale energy project in Fort McMurray, Alberta. An interesting resource to exploit in a social environment.

Kids Help Phone and Bell Let's Talk meet with Montreal students to talk about mental health

MONTREAL / CNW / - Jeunesse, J & #039; listen and Bell Let's Talk are visiting Chomedey-De Maisonneuve school this afternoon to engage in dialogue on mental health ...

Education ministers celebrate Family Literacy Day

Provincial and territorial education ministers join parents, guardians and children across Canada today to celebrate the 16th annual Family Literacy Day.

Michael Schumacher: his condition is still worrying

German Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher is still in a coma more than 3 weeks after his skiing accident, where his head violently hit a rock.

A foundation that wants to provide autistic students with mobile tablets

On January 20, we launched the Justine and Florence Foundation, the objective of which is to offer young Quebecers with autism access to an electronic tablet in the classroom.

The NFB unveils the winners of the Your Word is at stake contest

taparoleestenjeu.ca is an interactive website that explores the colors, accents and particularities of the French language in Canada.

The price of hulled gasoline

Fluctuations in the price of gasoline regularly make the headlines. But why is there so much difference from place to place? Let's take a closer look at the costs related to oil production, such as the price of crude oil, the costs of refining, transportation and retail sales, the profits of intermediaries, not to mention the taxes that apply.

Memorization, a dying out study strategy?

New online tools are gradually changing our relationship to memory and its usefulness. Is it still relevant to have students memorize content?

French-language twittering contest "A whole invention!" "

In the REFER (Rendez-vous des écoles francophones en network) program, students aged 5 to 17 from all over the French-speaking world are invited to participate in the “Tout une invention! ".

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