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Twitter now on the stock market

A few days ago, the social network Twitter went public. Selling for $ 26 initially, the stock rose to 73 % after just one hour! Let's take advantage of this news to retrace the history of this great social network and its outstanding moments.

Social media and technology in the family and at school: in search of balance

As part of the last Montreal Book Fair, a roundtable on education and the family in the 21st century brought together six authors around the issue of social media, which modern families face and which has a major impact on school.

New Zealand: an education system founded on teachers

In 2007, New Zealand completely transformed its education system. Schools and teachers are fully trusted. However, if confidence rhymes with flexibility, it also rhymes with rigor! (Last of 3 parts)

New cars for the Montreal metro

The metro in Montreal, Quebec, unveiled the new cars that will gradually replace those currently in use. At the cutting edge of technology, these efficient and more spacious wagons aim to satisfy the customers of this means of transport which is very widespread in the big cities of the world. Let's take a closer look!

New Zealand: a simple curriculum, which allows the autonomy of each school

In 2007, New Zealand completely transformed its education system. At the heart of this reform, a simple curriculum, which trusts the schools. Let's discover this system which caused a lot of talk at the last iPad Summit in Boston. (Second of 3 parts)

New Zealand is revolutionizing its education system

We often hear about Finland when it comes to new pedagogy, but did you know that New Zealand has also completely transformed its education system? Portrait of this island on the world educational scene. (First of 3 parts)

Back to the iPad Summit in Boston 2013

A delegation of educators from Quebec had the chance to attend the 3rd iPad Summit, which was held on November 14 and 15 in Boston. A look back at the event and its key conferences.

More electric cars on the roads

In early November, the Quebec government announced its transportation electrification project. We want to increase the number of electric vehicles in circulation from 2,000 to 12,500 by 2017.

Fifty years ago, John F. Kennedy was assassinated

On November 22, 1963, the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy (JFK), was assassinated in Dallas. Fifty years later, the tragic death of the youngest American president is still fascinating.

My culture in the peace

The Pacific Institute recently launched its new program to prevent discrimination and intercultural conflict in primary schools. It will allow young Quebecers to develop their social skills in a context of cultural diversity.

20 candles for the popular science organization ASTER

More than 600,000 students have been met by the ASTER team since its creation in 1993. Its inflatable planetariums circulate across the country, and even in the United States. A short story of an organization born, among other things, from the support of the school boards of Bas-Saint-Laurent.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Following the recent publication of 15 stunning photographs of our planet, taken by European Space Agency satellites, SCOOP! offers 4 activities inviting your students to analyze photographs in 4 different ways on a wide variety of themes.

Last call for workshop proposals for the iPad Education Summit and the International ICT in Education Symposium

The deadline for submitting paper proposals for the iPad Education Summit and the International Conference on ICT in Education is November 22, 2013. Hurry!

International Children's Rights Day: initiatives to counter bullying

The Jasmin Roy Foundation and the Quebec Institute of Clinical Sexology are launching bullying awareness programs on this special day.

FCSQ Award of Excellence: "Innovative Educational Approaches"

As every year, the Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ) will award its Excellence Awards next June. Schools have until March 7, 2014 to apply.

Study day on dropping out of education

On November 30, the Quebec Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Council (CPIQ) is organizing a study day on the subject, at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Canada's leading sport, health and wellness organizations want young people to be ACTIVE AT SCHOOL

Over 60 of Canada's largest businesses and organizations are joining forces in the ACTIVE AT SCHOOL program. The private sector and non-profit organizations agree to take their share of the responsibility to achieve one hour of activity every day at school.

Parenting in the digital age: a conference to equip parents

It's not always easy to be a parent in the digital age! A conference specially designed to help them learn about the different facets of technology, both at home and at school, will take place in Montreal this Saturday, November 23. Cyberbullying, digital identity, social networks and more can finally be demystified.

Provincial and Territorial Education Ministers Celebrate International Education Week

It's International Education Week (SEI) 2013. SEI was launched in 2000 and is now celebrated in over 100 countries, including Canada.

Teaching made easy with the interactive whiteboard

Like almost all schools in Quebec now, Otapi high school in Lanaudière is equipped with interactive whiteboards. Teachers explain the many benefits they see in it.

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