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5 reasons why teachers should create an RPA

A what? A “personal learning network” (RPA). It is the modern and efficient way to maximize professional development and keep up to date on trends in education.

Modes of communication are changing in Quebec

Social media, Internet tools and texting are taking over the “traditional” means of communication. We suspected it, but now CEFRIO is putting figures on the trend. Portrait of a reality that the school cannot ignore.

100 days before the Olympics

The next Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia in exactly 100 days. Let's take the opportunity to discover Sochi and other cities that have hosted the Winter Games.

Greenpeace activists accused of vandalism

The organization Greenpeace is often talked about by its spectacular outbursts. Following an action in the Arctic, Russia was considering piracy charges against a group of activists linked to the organization, but reduced it all to accusations of vandalism. Let's take a closer look.

High expectations, high level of education

Research published by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) shows that parents' expectations for the level of education their children will achieve, whether high or lower, influence children's performance as well as the actual level of education they will achieve.

The ICT committee: A success at Otapi high school

Manawan is an Atikamekw community of about 2,500 people and 280 students attend Otapi High School. To promote the use of ICT at this school, several actions have been taken, including the creation of a dedicated committee.

5 steps to integrate play in the classroom

The use of play in the classroom is a very popular movement. In English, we speak of "gamification". Here are five steps to promote successful pedagogical integration!

A free 100 % resource for improving English and other languages

While immersion is one of the best ways to learn a language quickly, practicing its various aspects on a daily basis also helps a lot. This is exactly what the 365JoursPourApprendre.fr website also offers free of charge.

What stands in the way of change in education?

An inspiring group of educators will answer this question in an impactful workshop hosted by the Canadian Education Association (ACE), October 21-22 in Calgary, AB.

It's the Quebec week of school administrators

Here is a collection of the press releases received by Infobourg on this occasion.

10 technological trends for the next 5 years in education

The Horizon NMC 2013 Report was released last spring by the New Media Consortium (NMC) in the United States. It highlights 10 emerging technologies that will impact education over the next five years.

United Nations Day

Every year since 1948, United Nations Day has been celebrated on October 24. Let's take a closer look at the origins and objectives of this day.

The CSMB will massively introduce surveillance cameras in its schools

While it is not uncommon to see surveillance cameras in certain schools experiencing particular problems, they are now beginning to be deployed on a massive scale. For example, within 3 years, the CSMB aims to install nearly 1000 in its establishments. The objective pursued: to reduce violence.

What is unacceptable in education?

Justin Tarte is director of educational services in a US district of Missouri. A blogger in his spare time, he recently delivered a list of 8 things that every educator should find unacceptable. Is this your case?

Video surveillance to counter violence in schools

While it is not uncommon to see surveillance cameras in American schools, for example, they are now also being introduced in Quebec. The objective pursued: to reduce violence. Let us take advantage of this news to question the ethics of such a measure.

Read with Me Week 2013 - Commit to reading: successful bet!

The 9th edition of the Lis avec moi Week took place from October 4 to 12, 2013. Under the theme “From the Arts to Read and to Discover”, reading was in the spotlight. In all, 7,000 children and adults participated in the reading movement by committing to read together, participating in online activities or in different schools and cultural places.

Reverse school, is it possible?

The "flipped classroom", this philosophy which involves seeing the theoretical portion outside the classroom, especially through videos, is on everyone's lips. Could we go so far as to imagine a whole school reversed?

A TEDxYouth conference awaits high school youth in Montreal

On November 16, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Collège de Montréal, the 2nd TEDxYouth conference will be held in Montreal. The theme this year is “The Spark! », Concurring with that of TEDxYouth World Day.

Google Canada Launches Student Doodle Contest

For the first time ever, Google Canada is inviting Canadian students from Kindergarten to Secondary V to participate in the “Doodle 4 Google” contest. Chris Hadfield and Karine Vanasse will be among the invited judges of the competition.

Japan to watch Canadian shale gas closely

Canada should provide Japan with privileged access to the gigantic shale gas reserves discovered in the west of the country, according to various Japanese media. Since the 2011 tsunami, Japan has been looking for new sources of energy. Let's take the opportunity to talk about “shale gas”.

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