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Sources of motivation for teachers (almost) on vacation!

The holidays are upon us and most of us can't wait to drop out. However, don't forget all those times in the year when you said to yourself, “When I have time…” Now that you have it, here are some ideas that you will benefit from for the next year!

627 students design a map for the Young cartographers wanted contest!

Announcement of the winners of the 6th Young Wanted Cartographers! Competition organized for the 1st cycle of secondary school by the Department of Geomatics of Cégep Limoilou and the Canadian Association of Geomatics - Champlain Section.

Completion of high school should be a national priority

The majority of Canadians consider that completing high school should be a national priority, because dropping out costs the country billions. A poll also shows that half of Canadians believe that the dropout rate in low-income communities causes more problems than one might think.

Education systems in Canada are performing well, new international report says

New International Report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Says Canada Among the Best-educated Countries in the World, Provides Compelling Evidence of the Value of Post-Secondary Education in the Face of Persistent Economic Uncertainties and Competition increasingly keen global effort to recruit a skilled workforce.

Advantages and challenges of the iPad at school

Twelve advantages and some good challenges of using the iPad in school were identified in a large study on the subject. Report of the presentation offered during the 1st Summit on the iPad in education (last of 2 parts).

SCOOP! on vacation for the summer!

The year is over for SCOOP! We look forward to seeing you on September 4th and hearing about our many new subscribers. In the meantime, you can enjoy the archives while (hopefully!) Fueling up.

The iPad at school: a lifeline or a marketing tool?

It is with this catchy question that Professor Thierry Karsenti introduced the presentation of the main results of a study aimed at identifying the advantages and challenges of the tool, which is increasingly popular in schools in Quebec and around the world. . Report (first of 2 parts).

A graduation album, version 2.0

Yesterday grade 6 teacher Patrick Valois told us about his use of Edmodo and posting a student-written detective story online. Today, he describes his favorite project, a resolutely 2.0 graduating album!

Inspiring ICT projects experienced in grade 6 class

Recently, we asked volunteer teachers to tell us about their ICT successes this year. Patrick Valois agreed to tell us about the project of writing a detective novel and the virtual interaction of the students via the Edmodo platform.

Saint-Georges featured on Twitter thanks to high school students

The pupils of Marie Champagne, in 2e secondary school at Saint-Georges high school, in Beauce, were animated this year by the fever of Twitterature. Indeed, they paired it with the discovery of the history of their city for an exciting ICT project.

Coca-Cola wants to fight obesity!

For the past few days, certain television channels have been broadcasting an advertisement for Coca-Cola aimed at combating obesity. The “Calorie Dictionary” ad emphasizes energy balance and the amount of physical activity needed to burn calories. Can the soft drink giant really teach us a lesson?

60,000 text messages exchanged: The success of the Texto Tel-jeunes service

Tel-jeunes has been helping young people experiencing personal problems since 1991. Evolving with the times, the organization has been receiving text messages from young people since March 12 of this year. In just three months, more than 60,000 short messages were exchanged with young people.

ICT and PSE: facilitating mental representation and other benefits

In physical and health education (PHE), ICTs can play a very important role when we realize their potential. Continuation of yesterday's article, which reports on the conference by Joël Bouthillette, host at the RÉCIT national du développement de la personne, on the occasion of the Summit on the iPad in education. (Last of 2 parts)

CPIQ secondary-college linkage meeting as part of the 33rd AQPC conference

The Quebec Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Council (CPIQ) held 3 workshops as part of the Rendez-vous de l & #039; secondary-collegial stowage during the 33rd ...

ICT in physical education and health, an important asset

Despite beliefs, this discipline is not left out when it comes to using ICT for educational purposes. Joël Bouthillette, animator at the RÉCIT national du développement de la personne, demonstrated this during a conference given at the Summit on the iPad in education. (1st of 2 parts)

Parlements in elementary and secondary schools: student involvement rewarded at a gala

On May 31, at the Parliament Building, we rewarded students involved in the Parlements at the elementary and secondary levels, a citizenship education project sponsored by the Jean-Charles-Bonenfant Foundation.

The mobile tablet in French lessons

Marie-Claude Gauthier teaches French at Collège Jean-Eudes. She chose to pair the iPad mobile tablet with her practice. She spoke about her experience at the very first iPad Education Summit.

The Teacher Training Learning Portfolio

On the occasion of the last international conference on education organized by CRIFPE, Professor Carole Raby presented the conclusions of a study on the use of the professional portfolio used in teacher training.

Ontario College of Teachers welcomes longer teacher education program

The teacher education program in Ontario will be expanded.

Sixty years ago Elizabeth II was crowned

On Sunday June 2, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of her coronation. The 87-year-old sovereign now reigns over several countries, including Canada. Let's take this opportunity to talk about constitutional monarchy and Quebec society in the 1950s.

Back in the past!

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