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The iPad Education Summit opens tomorrow in Montreal

It is on May 1 that the 1st Summit on the iPad in education is held. It will sell out and be webcast. Infobourg will be there and act as a partner with the École branchée.

10,000 articles for Wikimini, the children's cyber-encyclopedia

The Wikimini encyclopedia, whose particularity is to be written by children and adolescents, has just crossed the symbolic bar of 10,000 articles posted online! Presentation of a project combining ICT and co-construction.

36,903 children received a book as a gift

The Literacy Foundation announces that 36,903 children living in underprivileged areas have received a new book this year, as part of its Reading as a Gift program. That's 6,100 pounds more than last year! So many magical moments to share with the family, so many universes to discover while reading.

Lobster fishing begins in the Maritimes

The lobster fishing season officially kicks off these days in some maritime regions of Canada. Let us take this opportunity to talk about this important economic activity that is commercial fishing.

A single iPad for the whole class… ideas for projects in elementary school

Mélanie Ouellet, teacher in 1time year, juggled a long time to figure out how to operate a single tablet with a whole class. She is getting there now, even though she wants to integrate others very soon. She shares some of her great ideas with us.

3,000 high school students discovering their dream job

On April 17, nearly 3,000 young people in Secondary IV and V from across Quebec left their school bags at home to participate in a work placement. The Young Explorers for a Day program allowed them to get to know the job of their dreams, in the public sectors and large companies.

AQPC, the Rendez-vous of secondary - collegial stowage

The Quebec Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Council is organizing three workshops as part of the 33rd annual conference of the AQPC, the Rendez-vous de securement ...

Video project on Earth Day by a 1st grade class

Mélanie Ouellet's students, at Jean-de-la-Fontaine school in Terrebonne, made a video to tell the whole world what they love about their planet. Here is how they integrated ICT into a class project that could otherwise have been limited to writing ...

April 25 and 26 - Act against homophobia and bullying in Boucherville

The national tables for the fight against homophobia in the school network and the college network are joining forces to hold the 2nd conference, Act against homophobia and intimidation, on the theme "My environment welcomes diversity".

26th Francofête en education (CPIQ)

Preschool, elementary and all secondary school, vocational training, adult education and college teachers ...

The CFORP launches the "TBI in the digital age" competition

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the Franco-Ontarian Center for Educational Resources (CFORP) is launching an award to recognize innovation in Canadian French-language schools. This year, resources for TBI are in the spotlight.

World Book and Copyright Day

April 23 is World Book and Copyright Day. Let's take the opportunity to talk about it in class using a few very simple activities.

Three ways to ensure a virtual identity for your classroom

Pride and a sense of belonging to one's class are motivational factors for students. In the digital world, their development can take on whole new dimensions and bring down the walls of the traditional institution!

Canadian schools rewarded for their green initiatives

Staples Canada / Bureau en Gros awards 250,000 $ in computer labs to 10 schools in Canada, including 2 in Quebec.

A bottle in the sea

Recently, a Croatian surfer found a bottle containing a message that was allegedly sent from Nova Scotia in 1985. Let's retrace the journey of that bottle.

Go from print to digital at school in 5 years, according to SETDA

A recent report published by the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) in the United States provides recommendations for fostering the entry of digital resources into schools, possible within 5 years with leadership and changes in policy.

Have you chosen your digital resources this year?

Budget measure 50683 allows schools in Quebec to acquire digital teaching resources used for teaching. What are the criteria for this measure? What are the eligible resources? Let's take a closer look.

The silent debate in full swing on Twitter

Twitter hashtag of the week is #dbts13. It refers to a project carried out with students from the 3rd cycle of elementary school ...

Neurons boiling in Saguenay

Saguenay is hosting the 35th edition of the Quebec Science Fair, which opens today and continues until April 21. This is an opportunity for the public to discover the 100 best scientific projects led by young people aged 12 to 20 from across Quebec.

Kayak magazine offers an illustrated history contest for ages 7 to 14

The Société Histoire Canada, through its children's magazine Kayak, invites children aged 7 to 14 to write a text or a comic strip on an aspect of Canadian history or heritage.

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