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Flu season is in full swing

The influenza virus, or the flu, begins to circulate in mid-fall. The holiday season favors its transmission. Indeed, during the holidays, we do not exchange only wishes! By the way, should we get vaccinated, and how do vaccines work?

The horse, a rehabilitation tool in orthopedagogy

Motivation: a key factor in the rehabilitation of a child struggling with a learning disability or difficulty. Here is a very original and effective way to stimulate it: zootherapy, more particularly with the horse.

I teach and want to use Twitter: where do I start?

You have created your Twitter account and you still do not understand what your colleagues (or your students!) Find so extraordinary about this tool? Or are you looking for ways to develop your professional network through Twitter? Here are some ways to go further.

What does 2013 have in store for us?

Back from the holiday break, we survived the end of the world predicted for December 21, 2012 by some! How is the new year shaping up? Let's read in a crystal ball to know the current trends in 2013!

Launch of the FIRST Québec 2013 Robotics competition

FIRST Robotics is an international robotics competition in which more than 52,000 students from 2,600 high schools around the world participate.

Happy new year 2013!

Infobourg will be back on Monday to offer you news, articles on topics related to education, and to talk about your projects. In the meantime, receive our best wishes for health, happiness, innovation and success for the new year!

Back in the past!

Have fun re-reading these articles drawn at random from our archives!

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