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Happy Holidays and we look forward to hearing from you in 2013!

Infobourg is taking a break from its daily activities for the holiday season. We will be back on January 7 to cover technopedagogical news and education in the wider sense as well, mainly in Quebec and French-speaking Canada. Would you like us to talk about you, your project, your class, your school in 2013? Here's how!

One laptop per student at CS Eastern Township: a promising experience

Ten years ago, the Eastern Township School Board made the daring bet to equip all its students with laptops in order to increase their performance. The organization had one of the worst dropout rates in Quebec. It has since fallen from 42 % to 22 % as it climbed the rest of the province.

Tomorrow is the end of the world (and classes!)

December 21, 2012 is a date that is considered the possible end of the world by some people who interpret ancient prophecies. One thing is certain, it's the end of classes and the start of the holiday break!

Educate Elementary Students About Financial Literacy

The BIM team of Société GRICS responded to the call for tenders from the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) with the aim of producing disciplinary tasks at the elementary level to make students aware of financial literacy. These 12 tasks are available for free.

Researchers study the impact of the iPad in high school

The Interuniversity Research Center on Training and the Teaching Profession (CRIFPE) is currently carrying out a research project entitled: "iPad at school: what uses, what impacts?" ". The results will be known in May 2013.

Mobility: a growing trend in Quebec

CEFRIO unveils the results of its NETendances survey on mobility. We learn that nearly a third of adults own a smart phone, but that the e-reader has been abandoned (only 2.2 %), probably in favor of the digital tablet (12.7 %).

Have fun during the holidays with Allô Prof games

Did you know that the Allô Prof site has been offering funny games for some time to review the basics? Why not check them out during the holidays (or stormy days!)

Citizen of tomorrow

The international solidarity organization Aide et Action leads citizenendedemain.net, a site entirely dedicated to civic education. This site is aimed at children, parents, animators, teachers… It is a place of exchange on the notions of solidarity, responsibility, openness to the world or even respect for diversity.

"Skilled teachers with ICT, a priority" according to an American group

How does the digital age influence the needs of today's students, and how to cope with the rapid technological changes related to teaching and learning? In particular by ensuring that teachers can "follow" the wave as well, according to a report from a study group of NASBE in the United States.

A year end under the sign of incomprehension

As we prepare for the festivities of the holiday season, a shadow has come to darken this end of the year and remove any desire to celebrate from 26 families in Connecticut, in the United States. Small pause in memory of the victims of this massacre. (SHEET ACCESSIBLE FOR FREE)

Quebec secondary 2 students among the best in mathematics

While we are concerned about the quality of our students' reading skills, young Quebecers perform in mathematics, both at the Canadian and international levels. Indeed, according to the TEIMS 2011 survey, they are only surpassed by 5 of the 63 countries studied and come first in the country.

How to talk about tragic events with young people ...

In the wake of today's horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in which 27 people died, including 20 children, how can we be prepared to answer questions from young people on this matter? The subject is discussed in a few places ...

Towards a national policy on public education in Quebec?

Communiqué (FCSQ) The Federation of School Boards of Quebec (FCSQ) adopted, at its General Council on December 7 and 8, a platform for the development, by the government, of a National Policy on Public Education in Quebec. The FCSQ intends to present this platform to the government when parliamentary work resumes this winter.

Collège François-de-Laval will introduce its students to business

Conferences with an economic flavor, summer camps at the Beauce School of Entrepreneurship, Club for entrepreneurial succession, the Collège François-de-Laval has decided to introduce its students to the business world.

Reading: Quebec students below the Canadian average

The reading skill level of young Canadians was measured as part of the International Research Program in School Reading (PILS). We learn, for example, that young people who spend less time on homework perform better in reading… and that Quebecers have some catching up to do.

The school war

On November 7, the book was launched by Professor Gérald Boutin, entitled The School War: Between Transmission and Construction of Knowledge, published by Éditions Nouvelles. This work is devoted to the major currents of thought that underlie current education.

Safer Internet Day: 99 countries educate their citizens on responsible digital uses

This year, the main theme is the issue of rights and responsibilities online. Thus, students, teachers, organizations and industry are invited to mobilize in this direction. Will you be there next February?

Year in review 2012

The end of the year is always a good time to take stock, ranging from major news events to the best songs of the year. Suggest that your students do the same!

New MELS - Copibec agreement: book publishers are satisfied

The National Association of Book Publishers very favorably welcomes the announcement made today by the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sport, Madame Marie Malavoy, of the renewal of the 9 million $ agreement over 3 years. with the Société québécoise de gestion collective des droits de reproduction Copibec.

HistoQuizz, an “app” to learn about history

From the dawn of civilizations to the sixties, discover with HistoQuizz the inventions that have made humanity advance, the great battles that shook the world, the artists whose works have survived the centuries, the heroes who have marked their era ... (application)

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