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UNICEF France and eduPad launch the Quiz application UNICEF College

Press release - Paris, November 20, 2012 - On the occasion of the International Day of the Rights of the Child, UNICEF France, very committed to the field of education, is launching an application on the rights of the child to college students (in Quebec: secondary level).

What did you read today?

Communiqué (Campaign for reading) - All players in the book and education sectors - booksellers, librarians, authors, publishers, teachers, readers - unite for a single cause: reading. What did you read today? is a vast pan-Canadian campaign that aims to instill a taste for reading. Is it not true that a population that can read and loves to read bears witness to a collective cultural richness?

Science and technology: jobs for girls and boys

Comuniqué (Onisep, France) - Stop stereotypes! Girls and boys in 3rd and 2nd year perceive science and technology jobs in almost the same way. This is shown by the results of the Harris Interactive survey published by Onisep on the occasion of the European Education Fair.

Conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip

For the past week, Israel has been carrying out an armed offensive in the Gaza Strip. These territories have been the center of conflict for decades. Why is there still violence in the Gaza Strip at this time?

A free school textbook written in a weekend!

Over the course of a weekend, around 20 teachers took on the challenge of writing a textbook for a high school math class. And it will be available under a free CC-BY license, therefore reusable, modifiable and translatable.

Antidote 8: over 100 new features

Communiqué (Druide Informatique) - On November 8, Druide informatique launched Antidote 8, the new edition of its large software suite for French. This eighth edition brings more than one hundred new features and improvements to Antidote's major works.

Out of date, the USB key… Use the cloud instead!

If the Internet connection in your classroom is reliable, you might like to know that it is possible to store all of your documents for free using so-called “cloud computing” services, so that they can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. What is it and where to start? Follow the leader!

New in the interactive whiteboards folder

(Update) Barely two weeks after the conclusion of the 2nd call for tenders concerning the massive equipment of Quebec classrooms with interactive whiteboards, the new Quebec government announces a reflection on the future of the program. According to the exclusive interview carried out with the Minister of Education by the daily La Presse, it would seem, however, that this call for tenders is maintained, the time to make a decision for the future.

The Physical Sciences Demonstration Center wants to interest teachers in science

The Physical Sciences Demonstration Center at Cégep Garneau in Quebec City and the Faculty of Education at Laval University want to promote greater interest among teachers and students in this field by enriching their knowledge and scientific culture.

UNICEF Canada: Invite your MP to your school

News Release (UNICEF Canada) - November 20 is National Child Day. To mark this day, UNICEF Canada launched the initiative Invite your MP to your school, in order to create a link between the young people of the country and their elected representatives.

Édu-groupe: news and vision for the future

On the occasion of the Annual National Meeting of Société GRICS, which ends today, the new features of the Édu-groupe portal were announced. In fact, on November 13, version 4.8 was made available, and 4 school boards had adopted it in less than two days.

Do you like reading?

Since young people are fueled by technology, is there still room for books? What form does reading now take? Will we ever have to go into hiding to read a good book?

The Société GRICS educational video collection gets a makeover

In 2006, Société GRICS received a mandate from the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sport to deploy the collection of educational videos initiated by Télé-Québec. For the start of the 2012 school year, the team is offering a brand new interface.

Éric-Fournier Dictation Contest: Compose your Antidote dictation!

La Dictée Éric-Fournier is organizing a competition called Compose ta dictée Antidote !, which aims to encourage knowledge and mastery of the French language among Quebec students and teachers.

Infobourg participates in the National Meeting of Société GRICS

Today, Infobourg is attending workshops offered as part of the Société GRICS National Meeting, which is being held in Montreal until Friday. You will have the opportunity to read the reports of our discoveries in the coming days.

Algeria digitizes its textbooks and links its schools by videoconference

Algeria is currently deploying a vast program which, in time, will have linked 25,000 schools via a videoconference system and made 150 digital textbooks accessible on the website of the Ministry of Education.

Recycling: there is still room for improvement!

In 2009, US President Barack Obama declared November 15 to be “America Recycles Day,” a day dedicated to recycling education. Let's take the opportunity to check our knowledge of sorting and the benefits of recycling waste!

New logo, new acronym for the Association for the Teaching of Science and Technology in Quebec (AESTQ)

Press release - On November 1, as part of its annual conference, the Association for the Teaching of Science and Technology in Quebec unveiled its new visual identity. This change of image and acronym is intended to be a projection of the deeper transformations that the Association is experiencing, so that all of the rejuvenation treatment currently being implemented within the AESTQ is known.

The CFORP launches 5 interactive books for iPad

Press release (CFORP) - The Franco-Ontarian Center for Educational Resources (CFORP) launched five iBooks® resource titles for iPad® at the end of October. These resources aim to develop a taste for reading in middle school students (12 to 14 years old

Budget 2013 of the European Union: increase or decrease?

In Europe, we are currently negotiating the establishment of the budget of the European Union for the year 2013. On the one hand, the Parliament wants to make up for the accumulated deficit, on the other hand, the European Commission wants to increase spending ...

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