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A network website to contribute to the Higher Education Summit

QUEBEC, Nov. 30, 2012 / CNW Telbec / - The University of Quebec has just launched a website dedicated to the Summit on Higher Education. This site, which can be consulted at http://sommet.uquebec.ca/, provides access to content related to the event. You will find, among other things, information relating to the quality of higher education, the theme of the first preparatory meeting for the Summit, which will be held on November 29 and 30 in Quebec City. We invite you to visit this website regularly and to make it known to those around you.

Green cars in the spotlight!

The Los Angeles Auto Show is in full swing until December 9. It is one of the most important events for car manufacturers. More and more, green cars are in the spotlight!

The preparation of new teachers and practitioners in FAD in French-speaking Canada (Questionnaire)

Communiqué (REFAD) - As student supervision is one of the determining elements associated with retention and success in distance education, the Francophone Distance Education Network of Canada (REFAD) is therefore undertaking a study on the preparation of new teachers and practitioners in FAD which will be put online in spring 2013.

United States: Goodbye cursive writing, hello keyboard skills

At the start of the 2014 school year, new standards will be adopted by the United States for mathematics and English. Modernization requires, we will add mastery of the keyboard at the end of primary to remove that of cursive writing.

Copyright law adapted to new technologies

The Government of Canada adopted amendments to the Copyright Act last June. Here is what this means for schools. In short, we are broadening the scope of “fair dealing” and appealing to “common sense” in the community.

Suggestions for beautiful books for Christmas!

Scholastic Publishing has the gift of offering books full of magic. Here is a nice selection to spoil your little ones this year. On the menu: Frisson the squirrel, the essential guide to Santa Claus, ideas for reusing LEGOs and a "seek and find" album.

The school uniform?

The subject resurfaces regularly in the news. Should students be required to wear a uniform at school? Some think it would settle the inequities, others are radically against it. Let's go see the opinion of the students.

ShareMyLesson: a platform for sharing resources by and for teachers

This new digital platform, developed by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and its partner TES Connect, allows elementary and secondary teachers to share educational resources for free.

European Education Fair: review of the 14th edition

The fourteenth edition of the European Education Fair ended on Sunday, November 25, 2012. This event, a must for the entire educational community, attracted more than 550,000 visitors.

Professional video game player: an electrifying career!

Next February, the annual “Girls and science, an electrifying duo!” Event will take place. », Aimed at helping girls in Secondary 2 and 3 discover scientific careers. Participants will be able to learn about video games thanks to Stéphanie Harvey, 26, four-time world champion and designer at Ubisoft.

AESTQ highlights the best educational projects of future science and technology teachers

On November 2, as part of its annual conference, the Association for the Teaching of Science and Technology in Quebec announced the laureates of the La Relève competition. The purpose of the La Relève competition is to highlight the quality of the teaching material produced by future science and technology education professionals in preschool, elementary and secondary schools.

Gangnam Style!

The Gangnam Style music video, by 34-year-old South Korean artist Psy, rose to the top of the YouTube hosting site's most viewed videos on November 24.

AESTQ awards the Raymond-Gervais Prizes to two science and technology teachers

At the Annual Congress of the Association pourseigneur de la science et de la technologie au Québec, held in St-Hyacinthe on November 1, 2 and 3, 2012, which the APSQ's annual prize fund officially recognized as a excellent practice of two science and technology teachers.

A very simple solution to make life easier for dyslexics!

A Dutch designer with dyslexia has created a typeface that, study support, improves reading quality and decreases the number of errors people with this disorder make.

Smog: winter and summer

Air pollution is a major concern in major cities around the world. Moreover, the Quebec skies experienced a major episode of smog this week, which extended over a 500-kilometer corridor along the St. Lawrence River valley.

Digital Identity: Who Are You On The Web?

SPECIAL FILE - "Do you have an identity document? Is a question that takes on unexpected importance when it comes to the digital world. Indeed, beyond the fact of having or not an email address or a Facebook account, all the traces that we leave contribute to forging our digital identity.

When we compare… Canada 22nd in the use of ICT

CEFRIO tells us that according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Canada ranks 22nd in the world in terms of its ICT Development Index (IDI). This is not enough to make the country a leader in the use of ICT, says the Quebec organization.

Generation connected: how to help them concentrate in class?

A psychology teacher has found that young people have an average attention span of 3-5 minutes during their home study period, and that less distraction from social media results in lower academic performance. How to teach concentration to this ultra-trendy generation? One track: teaching metacognition.

Québec City Student Wins Canada-Wide Drawing Competition

After a few weeks of suspense, the winner of the 2nd drawing competition organized jointly by the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FAE) and Earth Day Canada is announced. Emily-Alexandra Sarabia-Tellez, a 6th grade student from Cœur-Vaillant school in Quebec City, stood out.

Africa in the era of connected education

Africa is no slouch when it comes to technology in education. In May, Namibia will host the 8th eLearning Africa conference. During this time, the body One Laptop per Child continues to distribute XO laptops on the continent, which is expected to see lower Internet access prices thanks to new submarine cables.

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