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An international conference focuses on re-enrolling 16-20 year-olds on November 1 and 2 at UQAM

(Press release, UQAM) - Young people aged 16-20 who are going back to school need support to succeed where they have failed before. This will be one of the strong ideas discussed at an international conference to be held at UQAM on November 1 and 2.

Personal mobile devices at school: making it work!

It is more and more common for students to bring their smartphones or similar devices to school. The first reaction is sometimes to ban them. In other cases, we take the opportunity to turn them into learning tools. If you are in the second case, how do you manage it all?

Do you know your RÉCIT facilitators and their mandate?

In Quebec, RÉCIT is a network of resource people who help teachers integrate technologies into the life of their classes. Any teacher can request help and it's absolutely free. The mission of "RÉCIT facilitators" is to support them and give them confidence in their abilities.

EdCamp Montreal: it's this week!

The first officially bilingual edCamp will take place this week, November 1st. And it's at Wilfrid-Bastien school, in the St-Léonard borough in Montreal, that it happens!

Frankenstorm worries 60 million Americans

Storm Frankenstorm, as it is nicknamed by American meteorologists, will hit the east coast of the United States today and tomorrow, causing many disturbances.

The (amazing) peculiarities of the Finnish education system

Like it or not, it looks like the Finnish educational model is working! Here are some of the most surprising key points, which will feed the discussions… For example, did you know that Finnish pupils do not undergo any assessment during the first 6 years of school?

Lance Armstrong: The Fallen Hero

Doping in sport is a real scourge. Despite screening tests, athletes, helped by science, are able to find new ways to increase their physical performance. Yet they always end up being unmasked. This is exactly what happens to cyclist Lance Armstrong, and the consequences are dire.

The "top" of the week

No time to read everything that is published on our media? Find here the 5 most viewed articles this week on Infobourg.com and the 4 most viewed educational sheets on SCOOP! Learn with the news.

The preschool recommended by the Superior Council of Education

The Higher Education Council this week released an opinion on preschool children. In particular, it recommends that the government "set itself the objective that, within 5 years, 90 % of 4-year-old Quebec children attend education services regulated by the State".

Little by little, the Arctic Ocean becomes a garbage can ...

The Arctic Ocean, the one we imagine covered with ice and where polar bears parade, loses a little of its mythical charm when we learn that the pollution by various debris that covers its ground has doubled in 10 years. Let's get to know this ocean better.

REFAD 2013 conference: New horizons in distance learning: what does the future hold?

Press release (REFAD) - In collaboration with Édupôle Edmundston, the Francophone Distance Learning Network of Canada (REFAD www.refad.ca) is organizing its annual conference on May 30 and 31, 2013 in Edmundston (NB) under the theme New horizons in distance learning: what does the future hold?

Les Éditions Grand Duc presents 16 iBooks textbooks for iPad

Press release (Éditions Grand Duc) - Les Éditions Grand Duc presents 16 iBooks textbooks which have been specially created for the iPad with the iBooks Author software and which aim to enrich teaching practices, both for teachers and for students. students.

A competition integrating French, technology, culture and community

In preparation for the Semaine nationale de la francophonie, which will take place from March 8 to 24, 2013, the Canadian Association for French Language Education (ACELF) and the inter-school network WIGUP.tv are offering a new competition to young French-speaking Canadians aged 9 at 14.

Data on French in Quebec and Canada: the indicators are red

(News release) MONTREAL, Oct. 24, 2012 / CNW Telbec / - Statistics Canada today released 2011 census data on the demolinguistic situation in Quebec and Canada. The results show an unequivocal downward trend for French.

New school year, new resources for UNICEF in the classroom

Press release (UNICEF Canada) - Some news from UNICEF Canada and its World in the Classroom program at the start of the year: resources to explain to students the distress and complexity associated with humanitarian emergencies (particularly in Syria) and program Rights-respecting schools.

Results of a research on perseverance and academic success in public Francophone and multiethnic settings

Extensive Quebec research delivers its conclusions in a report published on October 16. On the menu: three factors of perseverance and success identified in French-speaking public and multi-ethnic schools, teachers who refuse to adapt their practice and questioning of school results as a measure of student classification.

XL Foods factory resumes operations

While a scandal of meat contaminated with E. coli bacteria tarnishes the reputation of the company XL Foods, it is preparing to resume service following the green light given by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Let's talk about. coli and the difference between viruses and bacteria.

MaCarrièreTECHNO.com: creating the spark between young people and technicians

TECHNOCompétences is launching the programming of its 2012-2013 MaCarrièreTECHNO.com campaign, which aims to demystify techno careers among young people aged 14 to 17 and those around them. Classroom visits of inspiring models, a major advertising campaign and a dynamic website are in the spotlight. The campaign is funded in part by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.

CoHOHOperons: an intergenerational project in the spirit of the Holidays

It's already time to start thinking about the holidays! Many seniors will spend these times of family celebration in solitude. Desjardins caisses in the Montreal region therefore offer young people the opportunity to prepare a small gift for them.

France: Eat well with the family, in good shape at school

Communiqué (APEL) - The Apel (Association of parents of free education pupils) is organizing for the sixth consecutive year from 22 to 27 October 2012, the Semaine des Apels.

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