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A new program to counter hatred and prejudice in the media

(News release) The Media Awareness Network (the Network) has launched a set of media literacy and digital literacy resources with the aim of teaching young people how the media help to convey an image to us. negative of certain social groups, by the media representation they make of them.

On the educational web this week

Here are some stories, blog posts and other links that caught our attention over the past week.

Sixth grade students fall for the tablet!

Laptop or digital tablet? The students of Catherine Grégoire, a sixth grade teacher at the Saint-Charles school of the Commission scolaire des Chênes, prefer their iPads, which are easier to use, less bulky and more efficient.

A (another!) Private school succumbs to the iPad

After the Jean-Eudes and Saint-Jean-Vianney colleges, it's the turn of the College of Anjou, in Montreal, to adopt the popular Apple digital tablet.

The three little pigs, version 2.0

In kindergarten, painting pink pigs is a fun activity. But if they "speak", it is even better. This is the project carried out by Karen Bosch, a teacher at Southfield Christian School, an elementary school in Michigan.

Quebec Public Education Summit

(Press release) The Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ) presented the program for the Summit on Public Education in Quebec, which will be held on May 31 and June 1, 2012 at the Quebec City Convention Center.

Bullying contest

(Press release) The Deputy Premier and Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports, Ms. Line Beauchamp, launched the Intimidation is over contest last week. I act.

Sport to make children more vigilant

Daily physical activity is undoubtedly excellent for the health of children. However, a researcher from the University of Montreal seems to have discovered another good reason to get them moving: to increase their vigilance!

Educational software

(Press release) This month, the Educational Software team offers you three interesting columns related to technological assistance tools to support students in writing, digital tablets as learning tools and evaluation criteria and eligibility of LÉ.

On the educational web this week

Here are some stories, blog posts and other links that caught our attention over the past week.

Collective stories: discover 49 co-creations of young francophones from the country!

(Press release) As of Friday, March 16, a total of 49 stories have been completed by French-speaking classes across the country, thus closing the popular Collective Histories contest, newly set up this year by the Association canadienne d'études de langue française (ACELF) and the Regroupement des édisseurs Canadian-français (RECF) as part of the Semaine nationale de la francophonie. You can read these stories at acelf.ca/snf/histoires-collectives.

Reverse class: significantly better academic results

At Calhoun Community College in Alabama, students are responsible for knowing the material before entering class. On site, they work together on projects allowing them to progress in their learning, while leading meaningful discussions with the teacher. Welcome to the era of the flipped classroom!

Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching

(News release) The Canadian History Society is looking for the best Canadian history and social science teachers in the country for the Governor General's History Award for Teaching Excellence.

Digital educational resources: everything in one platform

There are more and more digital educational resources, but it is often difficult for the teacher to navigate. The French National Digital Council is therefore proposing the establishment of a collaborative platform for referencing digital educational resources in a recently published notice.

QR codes for rally questions

QR codes, these small two-dimensional barcodes, are multiplying in our environment and are now entering the classroom. A French teacher from Cap-Jeunesse high school in Saint-Jérôme, Isabelle Goyette, used them to offer a fun activity to her students: a cultural rally!

Robotics festival: young geniuses at work

About 1,800 students took part in the first Robotics Festival in Quebec which took place in an electrifying atmosphere on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Uniprix Stadium. Organizers estimate that the event drew 3,000 spectators.

Elm 2.12: encounters that are resourceful!

(Press release) Publishers, manufacturers, public bodies, communities, gathered for two days at Orme 2.12 to introduce teachers and other players in the education system to the latest innovations in digital products and services for education.

On the educational web this week

Here are some stories, blog posts and other links that have caught our attention over the past two weeks.

Hyperactivity: more medicated students

The number of students aged 9 and under diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) on medication has climbed in recent years across the country.

Survey of secondary school history teachers

(Press release) The spokesperson for the Coalition for History, Robert Comeau and the historian and researcher, Josiane Lavallée made public on March 1 the results of a survey carried out among secondary school history teachers which revealed that they are dissatisfied with the programs they have to teach because they are too focused on education for citizenship and the present and not enough on the acquisition of historical knowledge.

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