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Books to better use your IWB on a daily basis

By 2016, the majority of classrooms in Quebec will be equipped with an interactive whiteboard (IWB) thanks to the government's “School 2.0: the connected classroom” measure. The challenge of appropriating the tool and its pedagogical integration is very real. In this perspective, a new collection of books could provide good support for teachers.

Media and education: a topic that sparks discussion!

(News release) The media play an important role in our society. Print and electronic media, private or public media, social media… The “news” is an integral part of our lives. In education, its role is all the more important as the subject concerns us all.

A village woven around the school

Parents who eat every lunchtime with their children, employers who easily free their employees to offer workshops at school… The ecological city of Ham-Nord, in the Bois-Francs, was built around from his school!

Students develop a tourism application

Grade 6 Ontarians developed a tourism iPhone app for the town of Dundas. Recently, their project won the Ken Spencer Award for Innovation in Teaching and Education from the Canadian Education Association.

Eco-fun stories for 21st century children

(Press release) Volumes I and II of Les Noutchis are a series of downloadable episodes designed and produced in Quebec by artists who care about the environment.

On the educational web this week

Here are some stories, blog posts and other links that caught our attention over the past week.

New educational software evaluated

(Press release) This month, the Educational Software team is bringing you new products for preschool, elementary, secondary and adult customers.

OECD solutions against dropping out

A plea for greater equity to counter dropping out was recently published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Greece faces bankruptcy

Greece is going through very difficult times. The country is invited to clean up its finances to avoid bankruptcy. This cleaning is done to the detriment of the inhabitants, while many believe that politicians do not cut where they should. What's happening?

“Serious games” taken… seriously!

Not all games are created equal, both from an educational and entertainment standpoint. That said, several "serious" quality games have emerged and this would only be the beginning, according to Emmanuel Mandart, who is currently writing his master's thesis on the subject at the University of Montreal.

Technologies: young people must develop their critical thinking

Many schools install filters and adopt policies prohibiting or restricting networked devices in the classroom. This would be a mistake according to a study carried out by the Media Awareness Network. According to her, these measures would be an obstacle to the development of students' judgment and to learning about responsible use.

Collège Jean-Eudes: iPad for everyone

In December, all teachers at Jean-Eudes Private College in Montreal were equipped with iPads. In September, all students from the first to the third secondary will have to have the Apple tablet. At the start of the 2013-2014 school year, all young people in the school will have one.

Operation back to school is launched

(Press release) On the sidelines of Hooked on School Days, the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal is pleased to launch the 2012 edition of Operation Back to School (ORÉ), which will take place from March 1 to April 30. .

De Marque partners with the Butterflies en fête event

(Press release) De Marque is proud to be associated with the Papillons en fête event, which will be held from February 18 to April 9, 2012 at Hamel in L'Ancienne-Lorette. This 14th edition is entirely dedicated to the discovery and awareness of nature and will allow thousands of children to visit a greenhouse filled with butterflies from all over the world.

On the educational web this week

Here are some stories, blog posts and other links that caught our attention over the past week.

Academic success in "pole position"

(Press release) The TRIOOMPH Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to stimulate dreams and academic success among young people by promoting effort and perseverance, is pleased to announce the successful implementation of its “Pilot Your Success” program in 33 secondary schools in Quebec and the conclusion of a major partnership with Michelin Canada.

Voltaire's fault

Whatever the school level, we see that the language of Molière gives a hard time to many students. Now they can get help from… Voltaire!

Bullying is over. Me, I act!

(Press release) The Premier of Quebec, Jean Charest, and the Deputy Premier and Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports, Line Beauchamp, released on Sunday the new Government Strategy for the mobilization of Quebec society in order to fight bullying and violence at school.

Intensive English: parents for, teachers against

The intensive teaching of English in the sixth year that the Quebec government intends to implement is favorably received by parents, but teachers are opposed to it.

Hello teacher pulls a rabbit out of the school perseverance hat

(News Release) Nothing is more fun than learning your math tables. Do you doubt it? Dive into End Rabbit Adventure (FL2), the new learning video game from Allô prof!

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