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The ups and downs of the hip class

One laptop computer per student: an experience neither pink nor black for 39 classes from 16 French schools. If the devices have advantages, they also bring their share of inconveniences, according to an Acer-European Schoolnet study carried out last year and unveiled this fall.

A free school project in Montreal

Would children learn best by studying only what interests them and making their own rules? A handful of parents believe this and have been campaigning for more than two years in favor of the creation of a free school in Montreal.

2581 schools receive Antidote for Christmas

(News release) In time for Christmas, 2,581 Canadian schools will receive one or more free copies of Antidote, Druide informatique's flagship writing assistance software.

Click for me!

What would happen if we gave the power to the children? Idealism would certainly give way to cynicism if we judge by the well-researched proposals they made last year in the framework of the virtual elections of the Click for me contest!

20 teens with gusto

(Press release) The official launch of the call for nominations for the 2012 20 Teen With Brilliance Awards was recently held. Founded by Youth in Motion, this program celebrates and honors young Canadians under the age of 20 who have demonstrated a significant level of innovation, leadership and achievement.

Scientific exploration in the classroom

Many people, even teachers, have a misconception about science. It is therefore difficult to want to teach a subject with which they are uncomfortable. However, the sciences amaze young and old alike.

Protect children from advertising

(News release) For more than 30 years, the Consumer Protection Act has prohibited commercial advertising directed at children under the age of thirteen. They undergo, despite the respect of law, a strong influence. In this period leading up to the holidays when advertising is abundant, now is the perfect time not only to be vigilant, but also to teach children to be vigilant.

Different tools for teaching French

As part of the annual congress of the Quebec Association of Elementary Teachers, which was held in Quebec City in early December, Infobourg attended two workshops on French teaching activities.

So that technologies make a difference in ethics and religious culture

A radio show on cultural symbols? An avatar imagined by the student? Cultural audio guides for all of Quebec? Why not!

Cultivate lifelong learning

(Press release) Over the years, the AQETA congress has become one of the most significant events in the field of learning disabilities (LD) in Quebec. This year it will take place on March 21, 22 and 23 at the Westin Hotel in Montreal.

Take your place!

(Press release) The Island of Montreal Youth Forum (FJÎM) unveiled its Engagement Guide - Take your place.com last week.

A first robotics festival in Quebec

A first robotics festival where robots of young people aged 9 to 18 will compete in different events will take place in March in Montreal. Around 1,800 young people from 67 primary and secondary schools will take up the challenge and have the chance to participate in the international final!

Danger of the Internet: parents don't talk much about it

About 80 % of parents believe that the Internet can be a source of danger when it comes to the sexual exploitation of children. However, less than 50 % address the issue with their children, according to a survey unveiled yesterday by the Marie-Vincent Foundation and Cyberaide.ca.

A 24th congress for AQEP

The 24th annual congress of the Quebec Association of Elementary Teachers was held under the theme “Teachers as Builders of the Future”. The rally took place on December 7, 8 and 9 at the Quebec City Convention Center.

My Geek Job

(Press release) TECHNOCompétences is launching the Ma Job de Geek application, an original idea submitted by Kevin Massicotte, a Montreal Secondary IV student, during the Change the World Your Way contest launched last February.

Homework help… for parents!

Nearly half of parents find homework time stressful, according to a survey conducted last year by the Federation of Parents' Committees of Quebec. Despite everything, a majority of parents want to keep it. A new guide entitled I accompany my child has just been published to give them a boost.

TBI: around fifteen certified companies

Fifteen companies have been selected to provide interactive whiteboards (IWBs) to schools in the province for the next three years, following a call for tenders that ended on October 21. .

Reading as a Gift - Helping Today's Children to Prepare Tomorrow's Adults

(Press release) On the occasion of the 13e edition of Reading as a gift, the Literacy Foundation and the program's spokesperson, actress Marie Turgeon, invite you to buy a new book for a poor child in your region in December.

National reading competition

The National Reading Competition is back for a fifth edition under the honorary presidency of Jacques Demers. The project is still aimed at first and second year students from disadvantaged neighborhoods (indices 8 to 10), but it could soon be open to more children!

Quality Schools for First Nations: A Profitable Investment

(News Release) First Nations students have enormous potential for academic success provided they can count on a supportive and well-resourced learning environment, competent teachers, and an educational program focused on core subjects such as Indigenous mathematics, science, and cultural and linguistic studies. This is what First Nations chiefs, educators and other experts who participate in the National Round Table on First Nations Education are saying.

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