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10th Edition of the Annual Guide to Websites for School Success

(Press release) The École branchée magazine is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a special issue resolutely turned towards the future. This year, in addition to its directory of websites for school success, the team invites you to look to tomorrow and think about the school of the future now!

Space tomatoes

The Tomatosphere project was renewed for the years 2011 to 2014! It is estimated that by the end of the year, 14,000 classes from Canada and the United States will have participated in this experiment, which began nine years ago.

A hockey night like no other

The hockey season is well underway and despite the unconvincing performances of the Sainte-Flanelle players, we can bet that several young students are following their favorite team with great attention. The Personal Development Story invites teachers to take advantage of this interest to organize a hockey night!

The school success rate continues to increase in Quebec

(Press release) The Deputy Premier and Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports, Ms. Line Beauchamp, took advantage of her visit to the 2nd Interregional Meetings on School Perseverance and Success, to unveil the new data obtained on the graduation rate across Quebec.

Younger and younger technicians

Do you still doubt the interest of children in technology? Companies, they do not doubt it and more and more products are intended for toddlers. The next generation will be more connected than ever!

New educational software evaluated

(News release) This month, Educational Software's teacher reviewers bring you a variety of products aimed at preschool, elementary, secondary and adult customers that can be used in classrooms. We invite you to consult the comments reflecting their experiments as well as their suggestions for online resources and educational avenues.

Finding the right word: digital dictionaries

Dictionaries are essential tools in schools. However, digital versions are growing in popularity and offer functions that good old print books simply cannot.

Launch of the Chapeau, les filles! and Excelle Science

(Press release) The Deputy Premier and Minister of Education, Recreation and Sport of Quebec, Ms. Line Beauchamp, is happy to kick off the sixteenth edition of the Chapeau, les filles! and the twelfth edition of its academic section Excelle Science. On the theme "Take your place", the 2011-2012 edition will reward the efforts of women who have chosen a training course leading to the exercise of a traditionally male profession.

Strong reactions to Minister Beauchamp's proposals

Education Minister Line Beauchamp raised many reactions last week when she announced on Radio-Canada her intention to halve the budget of school boards, give more powers to schools and tie funding. of the latter to their performance. The liberal militants, gathered in congress this weekend, even voted in favor of the withdrawal of these proposals.

Fighting privacy hackers

Whether on social networks, online contests or on sites requiring registration, children are led to reveal a lot of personal information that can then be used by marketing professionals or worse, by criminals!

The perverse effects

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Homework help: already well established in our schools

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Portrait of a reality that can no longer be ignored: techno homework

By disrupting most of our lifestyle, technologies provide concrete solutions to everyday problems, especially in the case of homework. Homework help sites and discussion forums are multiplying, and school boards and schools are developing platforms that will soon make the diary an archaic tool. The dean in the field, the Allô prof site, is a good example of this enthusiasm. However, technology also poses some challenges, both at school and at home. Welcome to the age of tech homework!

A helping hand at home

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Technological homework!

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A revolution in the world of teaching through video games

(Press release) Samuelle Ducrocq-Henry, professor-researcher at the University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT), has developed an avant-garde model entitled “Educational LAN” (LP) which demonstrates the many possibilities of the use of popular video games, modified for educational purposes, in the context of education, vocational training and group therapy. She was also honored on October 6 as 2011 star researcher by the Conference of Rectors and Principals of Quebec Universities (CREPUQ) for the potential and excellence of her work as part of the “It deserves” competition. to be recognized! Of the Rendez-vous du Savoir.

Learning to strike always necessary

Young people are more connected than ever. According to CEFRIO, 91 % of young generation “C” aged 12 to 24 had high-speed Internet access at home in 2008. And that's not to mention the many tools, mobile or not, at their disposal. Watching them frantically tap their cell phones to text each other, one wonders if it is useful to continue teaching them good old fingering. It seems so.

Infobourg in Social Media 201

Since its creation in 1996, Infobourg has become an essential reference in technology and education with its daily news and major issues. We were honored to learn that our record on social media at school was cited by none other than Michelle Blanc in her book launched today: Social Media 201.

REFAD conference: call for proposals for presentations

(Press release) The Francophone Distance Learning Network of Canada (REFAD) is organizing its annual conference on May 3 and 4, 2012 in Quebec City under the theme Web Assessment and Student Integrity.

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