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Future Shop offers cutting-edge technology labs to six high schools

Press release - Future Shop today announced the list of six high schools that will benefit from cutting-edge technological laboratories as part of its 2011 donation program. Thanks to the Techno lab Future Generation program, the selected schools will each receive 50,000 $ , amount that will be used to fit out and equip a technological laboratory.

The students of the Gentilly school receive the Minister St-Pierre

Communiqué - Establishing a school parliament at school is good. Holding the activity in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women, Christine St-Pierre, is even better! This is the remarkable experience of the students of Gentilly Elementary School (Dorval), an event made concrete thanks to a simple request addressed to the National Assembly.

Young cartographers wanted! : A competition to introduce young people to geomatics

By February 15, junior high school geography students will have the opportunity to explore one of the areas of geomatics: cartography. More than 3000 $ in prizes will be awarded to the winners. To participate in this competition organized by the Champlain section of the Canadian Association of Geomatics (CAGS) and the geomatics department of Cégep Limoilou, students must produce a map of a fictitious natural park in a marine environment, the theme chosen for the 2011 edition of the competition.

A new Canadian guide to physical activity, lowered thresholds

Recently, the release of the new Canada's Guide to Physical Activity made more than one jump. Thus, the recommendation for daily physical activity for young people aged 5 to 17 is reduced from 90 to 60 minutes. Statistics Canada, however, reveals that only 7 % of young people actually reach this threshold.

Passion for ICT, from Quebec to Mexico (part three)

(Part Three) Over the months, Infobourg tells you about the extraordinary adventure of two retirees from teaching who generously offer their time to share their ICT knowledge with the 15 school in Mayo, Mexico, within the framework of of an OLPC project.

A CNES competition for French Language and Francophonie Week

Press release - (France) For its 8th participation in the French Language and Francophonie Week, the Space Observatory of CNES (National Center for Space Studies) in partnership with the Alliance Française Foundation, is once again offering revisiting the richness of the French language across the spectrum of the spatial universe and through literature with his writing proposal L'Espace en jeu.

All students of the Lester-B.-Pearson School Board will become digital citizen leaders

News Release - At a press conference earlier today, the Lester-B.-Pearson School Board (CSLBP) announced the introduction of a digital citizenship program. The LBPSB becomes the first school board in Quebec, and one of the few in Canada, to adopt such a program.

The Campus series: New discoveries in scientific research within everyone's reach

Press release - Canal Savoir is proud to announce that a third season of its flagship series Campus will be broadcast on February 9. This series focuses on academia and allows you to discover the most recent scientific breakthroughs and technological advances taking place in our universities. Ten new programs attesting to the dynamism and excellence of university research make up this season where science and ingenuity are once again in the spotlight.

Clair 2011 - Seeing education differently: an important conference to watch

From January 27 to 29, the Symposium Seeing Education Otherwise will be held in Clair, New Brunswick. This event follows on from the Clair2010 conference. It will bring together educators wishing to reflect on the transformation of the school towards a place animated by what the tools of “Web 2.0” allow, in Canada and throughout the Francophonie.

AMBER alert now on Facebook

Press release - The people in charge of the AMBER alert in Quebec announced at a press conference today the arrival of a new partner who will help the police to find a child abducted when an AMBER alert is triggered.

CES 2011: ICT for education

Writer specializing in information and communication technologies, Marc-André Brouillard was at the Consumer Electronics Show, which was held from January 6 to 9 in Las Vegas. Here are three trends he has observed in which ICTs are at the service of education.

Societies and territories, a trendy tool for teaching the social universe

Faced with the lack of textbooks for primary-level geography and history classes, more and more teachers are turning to online resources. Indeed, one can find free on Internet learning situations adapted to the courses of Social universe which include images and videos… Ideal for an interactive whiteboard!

New educational software evaluated

Press Release - This month, Educational Software has a rich and diverse LÉ news release in store for you! A variety of software have been evaluated and tested ...

Passion for ICT, from Quebec to Mexico (part two)

(Part two) Over the months, Infobourg tells you about the extraordinary adventure of two retirees from teaching who generously offer their time to share their ICT knowledge with the 15 school in Mayo, Mexico, within the framework of of an OLPC project.

CEFRIO publishes: The “Cs” as citizens

In order to guide organizations in adapting their practices in response to the challenges that await them with the arrival of Generation C, CEFRIO offers a series of four booklets that will present you with advice and cases of good practice for joining the young people in different contexts: citizenship, work, consumption and education.

Register for the 2011 REFAD conference

Press release - The 2011 REFAD (French Distance Learning Network) conference will be held on May 5 and 6 in Vancouver. Here is the relevant information for your registration and participation. Register before March 25 to take advantage of discounts.

My brain needs glasses

Much has been written to explain Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals. But children have often been forgotten. Psychiatrist Annick Vincent finally remedied the situation by launching the book My Brain Needs Glasses at Quebecor Publishing.

Hello teacher renews himself

With the new Allô prof site, there are no more excuses not to do your homework! This free service, available for ten years, has had a makeover. In addition to telephone help services, cyber classes, explanatory forums and virtual library, Allô prof now offers video clips as well as interactive games and exercises.

2nd Colloquium Media overdose and youth health

The Montreal Women's Y, Edupax and ACMÉ invite you to the 2nd MEDIA OVERDOSE and YOUTH HEALTH Symposium in Montreal on May 4, 5 and 6, 2011. About thirty speakers from Quebec, Canada and the United States have accepted. to come and discuss with you the damage caused to children and adolescents by industries that use screens to attract them, entertain them and praise them about often unhealthy products.

Last chance to register for the InteraXion Challenge

There are only a few hours left before the official registration deadline for the InteraXion Challenge, which is January 19. However, the organization will accept registration forms until January 28 if you contact them beforehand by email or phone to ask for details, or to indicate your interest in the project.

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