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Resources for sex education

At the beginning of December, the Committee on Culture and Education submitted a report to the National Assembly of Quebec. This report encouraged a return to sex education classes in Quebec schools. While waiting for the recommendations to materialize, here are some resources for educators who want to discuss sexuality with their students.

A helping hand for teachers connected to history

Developing classroom learning and assessment situations from an interactive whiteboard can be very complicated if the teacher starts this project from scratch. However, many of them create whiteboard activities and make them available online, for free. This is the case of the teacher Jean-François Lévesque and the educational advisor Jean-Luc Trussart, who came to present their work at the AQEUS congress.

RECIT TBI workshop

The RÉCIT presented the workshop Interactivity in the classroom: TBI portal and educational software during the National Meeting of Société GRICS last November. Led by Mélissa Bricault and France Leclerc, RÉCIT resource people, the workshop gave participants the opportunity to look at what the TBI tool is. It also enabled them to discover what the TBI portal of RÉCIT and the Educational software site do to support school staff in the pedagogical and technological appropriation of the TBI tool.

Extraordinary teachers, 2011 edition

News Release - Each year, Apple adds amazing teachers to the Apple Distinguished Educators group. A group of teachers, pedagogical advisers, school administrators or departments who play an important role in the advancement of pedagogical practices related to technologies, especially Apple technologies.

On the Educational Web this week ...

Here are some tweets, blog posts and news that caught our attention today.

Recreation: when learning to read is child's play!

Police officer Pierre Renaud has designed an educational board game to motivate his son to take his first steps in reading. His idea has come a long way: Récréation is now distributed throughout Quebec and has just won the Quebec Citizen Business Award.

The “Societies and Territories” site is getting a makeover this year

On the occasion of the 2010 AQEP colloquium, the leaders of the RÉCIT national service for the social universe presented the "Societies and Territories" site, talked about upcoming novelties and gave some avenues for exploiting activities on TBI. . Here's a look at what to expect this year.

Digital readings for Christmas - continued

Last November, the Infobourg offered you a first selection of children's books in connection with Christmas offered in digital format. Here are some more titles added and we thought it was not too late to bring them to you in the frenzy of the holiday season.

TBI, mouse, graphics tablet and camera… at the presco!

The RÉCIT leaders in preschool education led the workshop “Ideas for activities to use drawing software in the classroom” at the last congress of the Association for Preschool Education of Quebec. Infobourg reports it to you.

Press Release: Books for toddlers on iPhone and iPad

Montreuil - As the Christmas holidays approach, Fleurus - Children and Anuman Interactive adapt early learning books Little boy, on iPhone and iPad.

Video games for learning

Allô prof launched a homework assistance project on December 8 in collaboration with the Commission scolaire de Montréal. At the heart of the project, the installation of interactive terminals in various places frequented by children, including certain daycare services.

The Mouse That Tells: Online Readings for 7-10 Year Olds

The Telling Mouse is a digital publishing house that offers online stories for 7-10 year olds. Listed in three collections, the unpublished tales specially designed for reading on screen. They are all respectful of human identity, human rights, privacy and freedoms.

Roundtable on the interactive whiteboard (Part Four)

During the 2010 AQEP congress, which was held in St-Hyacinthe from November 3 to 5, an interesting round table allowed four guests as well as participants to discuss the theme of IWBs and other technological tools. in class. Today, second question: What recommendations would you make to a colleague who wishes to integrate ICT in his classroom?

Reducing social inequalities at school through daycare services

According to a study that has just appeared in a special issue of the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry on prevention in early childhood, children from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to arrive on school benches in n '' not ready to learn and have more difficulty in school afterwards, unless they have attended a childcare service in a facility or in a family environment.

REFAD research online survey

As part of the research on "Do new learning tools really encourage student performance and success?" conducted this year by Jean Loisier for the Francophone Distance Learning Network of Canada (REFAD), a survey was prepared and posted online to find out the perceptions of certain practitioners in FAD.

Digital collection to discover: Discovering the human body

Les Éditions de l'Isatis offers educators the Umbilicus collection, a series of humorous documentaries on the functioning of the human body. This collection includes 17 titles including 3 titles published in 2010 and is aimed at children from 4 to 8 years old. Each story is presented in the form of an expedition of Professor Umbilicus inside the human body.

Transmit positive messages to teens on different audiovisual platforms

While it is easy to convey positive messages to young people aged 3 to 10 in youth programs, it is more difficult to talk about health, education and sexuality to pre-teens and more off-putting teens promoting habits of healthier life. To discuss the best ways to reach this audience, the Youth Media Alliance has brought together experts in the field.

Roundtable on the interactive whiteboard (Part 3)

During the 2010 AQEP congress, which was held in St-Hyacinthe from November 3 to 5, an interesting round table allowed four guests as well as participants to discuss the theme of IWBs and other technological tools. in class. Today, second question: Are the accessories offered around IWBs really useful? Are there other more suitable technologies?

A game to raise awareness of safe behavior… on the farm!

The Syndicat des agricultrices de la Côte-du-Sud has designed a game for children aged 6 to 12. "Cultivate your gray matter" will raise awareness of prevention on the farm, where accidents involving children occur every year.

Haiti my country: when art and poetry are a window to the world

Poems by Haitian schoolchildren are available in bookstores in the Haiti mon pays album. Illustrated by the Quebec illustrator, Rogé, the picture album is prefaced by Dany Laferrière. The copyrights will be handed over to the FRPCP, an organization that trains school teachers in Camp-Perrin, a Haitian locality where nearly 8,000 children live.

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