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The networked school to support multi-age classes

Quebec - "The university system does not pay much attention to the reality of multi-age classes," notes Stéphane Allaire, professor of high school educational practices at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi. It is to compensate for this lack that the Universities of Quebec in Outaouais, Chicoutimi and Abitibi-Témiscaminque have jointly developed a new second cycle microprogram: Intervention in small schools and multi-age classes in a network.

140 new things to try in education. Part 1

Following a call to everyone on Twitter, Martin Comeau, trainer and speaker in the integration of new technologies, agreed to do the translation of a presentation which offers 140 new things to do in education in 2010-2011. To mark the new school year which is starting, we are offering you these new ideas.

The anxiety of going back to preschool

Your child seems very little motivated to go to “big school” next September. How can we help him see school positively while reducing the anxiety that accompanies entering school? Here is the advice of Jocelyne Pouliot, specialist in child support relations.

Back in the past!

Have fun re-reading these articles drawn at random from our archives!

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