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Non-verbal dysfunction syndrome: being socially maladjusted

Canada - Difficult for a child to integrate with his peers? For a child with nonverbal dysfunction syndrome, which accumulates clumsiness, it is far from being a piece of cake.

Central hearing disorder: hearing without understanding

Canada - He plays the clown during the instructions, he often asks to repeat, he does not apply the instructions, he is often in the moon, it may not be ill will, but rather signs that he has a central hearing impairment.

Language disorder: Eyes that speak

Canada - Your child walks, laughs and draws, but his eyes speak more than his mouth, he may have a language disorder.

Dyspraxia: When every daily activity turns into a challenge

Canada - If drawing, writing, catching a ball, riding a bicycle, dressing, bathing, and even eating seem laborious for a child, dyspraxia may be the cause.

Dyscalculia: mathematics, a real puzzle

Canada - If you hear two hundred and seventy-seven, you automatically think of 277, don't you? Is it the same for your child? Is he thinking more of 20060107?

The interactive whiteboard: easier to be a good teacher!

United States - Robert Marzano is an American researcher who has worked extensively on the impact of interactive whiteboards (IWBs) in the classroom. One of his conclusions: three quarters of teachers more naturally use the strategies of a good teacher in the presence of the tool! The details…

Val et Zoé, directly in your mailbox

Montreal - Amateurs of soap operas, reality shows and reading, the literary project of Anic Bourgault and Kadia Desautels, Val et Zoé, will know how to charm you.

Swedish children take their first steps… on the web

Sweden - More than 50 % of Swedish 5-year-old children used the Internet in 2008, according to a study by Olle Findahl, research director at the World Internet Institute in Sweden.

A new interactive projector makes its debut in schools

Chambly - A class at Chambly high school in Montérégie is currently testing an interactive projector from Epson, which has designed the BrightLink especially for teaching rooms.

The copyright controversy transposes into the world of digital books

World - Digital reading devices are flooding the market. So users are increasingly starting to feel the restrictions imposed by copyright and digital rights management. These restrictions could even delay the use of digital books in education.

News Release: Canada's Prosperity Endangered Without Federal Support for Digital Literacy

Ottawa - Canada's leading digital literacy organization, the Media Literacy Network (the Network) is sounding the alarm and warning that Canada will continue to fall behind other countries in terms of productivity and innovation unless a national digital literacy plan is in place.

PPO: Meet the trades and professions of the bio-food sector

Quebec - Your food from start to hunger! is a new website designed to introduce students in Years 3, 4 and 5 of secondary school to trades and professions in the bio-food sector. Thus, marine fisheries, agricultural production, food processing and food trade are presented through different activities.

Turnitin: a tool to fight against the culture of cut and paste

Ontario - Hundreds of thousands of students and tens of thousands of teachers in Ontario high schools will now have access to Turnitin web tools for plagiarism prevention, electronic grade assignment and online review by peers.

Learn to read while on vacation

Quebec - Ideal for the holiday season, Enquête au village des sons, an activity book aimed at learning to read for 5-7 year-olds, has just been published by Éditions Septembre.

The Laval School Board is blamed for turning a blind eye to a case of dyslexia

Laval - Vanessa, a dyslexic student also suffering from hearing disabilities, did not receive the services she needed for her learning disabilities. The Laval School Board is blamed and must pay tens of thousands of dollars in moral damages to parents and provide Vanessa with adapted services for the rest of her school career.

Reading your newspaper on an eBook does not appeal to young adults

United States - A study conducted by the University of Georgia in the United States shows a significant divide between the possibilities of digital books for newspapers and the needs of young adults. Black and white readers limited in display do not seem to appeal to the generation fond of multimedia smartphones ...

Reading for reward? Welcome to Les P'tits Bouquineurs!

Quebec - A young Montreal mother, unable to see her boys aged 8 and 9 spending their time watching TV and playing video games, imagines an exchange system: 1 minute of reading for 1 minute of TV. The concept has grown to become a social network for young people accessible on the Internet.

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