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Who should teach cybersecurity?

United States - Who do you think is responsible for educating students about safe Internet use? A poll in the United States shows that principals think it's teachers, and teachers think it's parents. Oops!

Good and bad grades for Kindle in college

About 50 students and three professors from Princeton University participated in a study to determine whether the e-book could significantly reduce the amount of paper used for lessons, without affecting the classroom experience. The results are mixed, but interesting!

Équiterre encourages young people to consume local products

Montreal - The Équiterre organization recently took stock of its responsible food project Soup! and took the opportunity to launch the children's story Kiko and the colorful vegetable garden.

Medialexie, a solution to language disorders

France - Médialexie designs software to help people with dyslexia, dyspraxia, a specific language disorder or any other communication problem.

Classroom activities with the iPod Touch

New Brunswick - The project to integrate the iPod Touch into a grade 2 classroom and a grade 6 classroom has been a great success, according to Bernard Manzerolle, ICT mentor in New Brunswick School District 11.

Press release: A practical guide for high school teachers - Special reform

France - The practical guide for high school teachers specializing in reform is aimed at teachers in the second class. With this tool produced from concrete situations and testimonies, teachers have avenues to help build their course, in a gradual and reversible process, starting in second grade.

Quick survey on ICT at Les Compagnons-de-Cartier high school

Quebec - More than 90 % students say that the blog is a technological tool that helps them learn, according to a survey conducted by Martin Bélanger, teacher at Les Compagnons-de-Cartier high school.

Develop your math skills in front of your screen

World - Teacher designed math lessons in video format that are available for free online.

Make way for science at school!

Quebec - The Place aux sciences project allows 21 elementary and secondary schools in the Capitale-Nationale to benefit from 230,000 $ to support their science and technology activities during the 2010-2011 school year.

A unique book for our little heroes

Quebec - Do you know a child who dreams of becoming a hero? It is now possible, for the duration of a story, with the personalized I am the hero books.

Conjugate like a big one

Quebec - The large Bescherelle family is growing. The youngest was born: the Short conjugation guide. It is simple and designed in every way for learning conjugation for students in the 2nd and 3rd cycles of elementary school.

Dropping out from a new perspective

There has been a lot of talk in the media about dropping out of school since some rather revealing and rather alarming statistics were published on the subject over the past year. It goes without saying that this phenomenon is very worrying, particularly for you, the parents, and it requires in particular to find, as quickly as possible, solutions to the height of the problem to significantly improve the portrait of the current situation.

Scientix: a dynamic scientific community

World - The European Commission launched Scientix, a web portal for anyone interested in science education last May.

Fun to read: 10 new books

Quebec - Kim, Renaud, Bella, Thomas and Karim return in ten new titles to join the Fun to Read collection of books designed for children aged 6 to 8.

Wigup, an interactive channel based on real life

Canada - Wigup is a brand new interactive web 2.0 channel designed to inspire Canadians aged 9 to 14 to challenge themselves and take on creative projects.

The iPad appeals to toddlers

World - Now that the Apple iPad has already won over consumers, will it become the new companion for children? Will it become the new learning tool? Despite the countless number of apps, it seems that elementary and secondary school age children have been a bit forgotten until now.

Math: much more concrete with visual tools

World - Everyone who uses technological applications in mathematics agrees that they make completely abstract concepts more concrete, making it easier for students to understand. Nevertheless, it's always interesting to read scientific research reports that prove it!

Mirabelle, the new version of Sugar on a Stick

World - Sugar Labs has just launched the third version of Sugar on a Stick, its educational system for children.

1st school district composed entirely of community schools

New Brunswick - The 20 schools in School District 5, L'Étoile du Nord, are now all recognized by the New Brunswick Department of Education as community schools.

Explore Old Quebec in an interactive way

Quebec - Elementary and high school students can now explore urban heritage thanks to the GéoRallye Vieux-Québec Intra-Muros.

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