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AQEUS will have a trendy congress

Montreal - The Quebec Association of Teachers in the Social Universe (AQEUS) wants its 2010 congress to be “current, trendy and urban”. The title of the event is “C10: Teaching and learning in the 21st century” and information and communication technologies (ICT) will occupy a prominent place.

Invitation: Do you want to become an ActivBoard trainer in your community?

This is now possible by following an intensive four-day training course. The iClass Canada accreditation certificate program prepares the participant (teacher, pedagogical advisor, etc.) to give training on the pedagogical use of the ActivBoard interactive whiteboard in connection with the primary and secondary training programs.

Educational experience with iPods

Quebec - Last January, at De Rochebelle high school in Quebec, French teacher David Martel decided to give his students a new experience. Much to their amazement, he invited them to install the eClicker app (free) on their iPod Touch and bring it to class (half had one).

An open format to facilitate the sharing of TBI content

Great Britain - UK agency BECTA has reached an important agreement with leading manufacturers of interactive whiteboards (IWBs) for the development and support of an open file format (CFF), which will facilitate the exchange of educational material regardless of the brand of board used.

Back in the past!

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