The CFORP TacTIC team offers the educational community on Twitter a daring series of challenges aimed at broadening educational horizons.

From September 19 to October 17, 2016, a daily challenge is offered on Twitter and teachers are invited to take it. The overall theme of this professional development marathon is “Reflective Practice and Networking for Learning”. We can consult now the list challenges for every day.

20 jours de défis #TacEdChat

How to meet the challenges?

To participate, simply complete the challenge and post the result on Twitter using the # tag.TacEdChat and, ideally, #JX (where X represents the day of the challenge).

For example, for the first day, participants were asked to introduce themselves in a video and share something that they are passionate about. We can read a full report many participations, made with the Storify application. This will also be the case for each day of the challenge. The links will be listed here.


An original opportunity for professional development

Ideal Professional Development Model, Definition of Growth Mindset (growth mindset), pedagogical leadership, the place of technology, creativity and innovation in pedagogy, development of students' critical thinking, sharing of resources and strategies… These are some of the aspects that will be discussed. At the end of this real marathon, the participants will have done a lot of work of reflection on their practice.

Twitter is a platform used by many teachers to maintain a personal learning network and support their professional development. The TacTIC team, which imagined and animates this challenge, is made up of “leader” pedagogical advisers who are responsible for supporting pedagogical innovation in French-language school boards in Ontario. They are overseen by the CFORP (Franco-Ontarian Center for Educational Resources).