virtual reality

Hurricane season: deep in the storm

Every year, many hurricanes (or cyclones) form on our planet, particularly between June 1 and November 30. Some of them hit the coast hard and sometimes leave thousands of victims behind. Here are some ideas for activities to do in class to better understand this meteorological phenomenon and its consequences.

An immersive class to immerse yourself in your future profession

The CFP des Riverains, a vocational training center located in Repentigny, recently inaugurated a state-of-the-art immersive virtual reality class.

Demystifying virtual reality in the classroom

The educational team of the Laval School Services Center presents the Extended Reality website, which contains a multitude of resources demonstrating that it is possible to carry out very simple virtual reality projects with students.

Les #Édubrèves - Resources for the classroom

If you are looking for turnkey activities or simple resources to use with your students, in the classroom or remotely, immediately consult this new edition of #Édubrèves!

New virtual environments for socializing

David Croteau, music teacher at the distance education services of the Center de services scolaire de Montréal (CSSDM), gave us a guided tour of the virtual environment that he uses with his elementary students.

Google Expeditions and Tour Creator: it's (soon) the end!

Google recently announced the upcoming end of its Expeditions and Tour Creator applications. Laurent, our collaborator, offers you alternatives for those who wish to continue using immersive technology to promote learning.

Google Expeditions to surpass the limits imposed by the pandemic

Today, we are presenting you various ideas for taking advantage of the Google Expeditions application in order to forget, at least temporarily, the constraints of school trips related to the health situation. And take the opportunity to go even further than expected!

Virtual reality in education: we take stock (educational)

Virtual reality, augmented reality: terms that gradually pass from the representation of a gadget, to that of an educational tool. Where are we now with this technology?

Virtual reality in support of dyspraxics

Total immersion to train without fear of mistakes: now virtual reality wants to help people with dyspraxia. The Ludinautes experience can also be tested now using an Oculus Go headset.

The fall of the Berlin Wall, 30 years later

On the night of November 9-10, 1989, Germany was the center of attention around the world. Indeed, it was that night that the 3-meter-high and 155-km-long wall that had divided the city of Berlin for 28 years was destroyed. Look at a product of the Cold War and a symbol of the division of the world into two blocks.

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