Digital action plan (NAP) in education

3e Journée du numérique en éducation : c’est le temps de s’inscrire

La troisième édition de la Journée du numérique en éducation (JNÉ) se déroulera le vendredi 5 novembre prochain. Cet événement virtuel, organisé par le ministère de l’Éducation du Québec, est désormais considéré comme un incontournable pour tous les acteurs du milieu scolaire. Il est possible de consulter la programmation et de s’inscrire dès maintenant.

Digital technology in Quebec schools: the equipment is there, uses still need to be developed

Although there are still disparities between schools, since 2014, we have observed "a significant increase" in the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools in Quebec. This is the main finding of the most recent survey carried out by the Academy of Digital Transformation.

The school system must educate digitally

As the pandemic stretches out, school staff are adapting to the new reality of teaching that can switch to distance at any time and is acquiring many skills. This experience will influence the perception of digital tools in the long term. Aware of the difficulties currently experienced in this direction, the Higher Education Council shares in this article its vision of digital in education.

Digital books are coming to school libraries

The loan of digital books has started its gradual deployment through the network of school libraries with the Biblius Project.

Digital skills or digital skills?

Why, in Quebec, do we say digital skills rather than digital skills? Marjorie Cuerrier, doctoral student in educational sciences at the University of Montreal and member of the Canada Research Chair on digital technology in education, returns to the subject and offers some resources to discover.

Towards a right to digital education

Students from Laval University have drawn up a Declaration of principles regarding the right to digital education to raise awareness of the urgency of better preparing young people for the challenges of a society where digital technology is growing exponentially.

When the pyramid of the RAI model ends up upside down

Marie-Ève Gagnon, project manager for the deployment of the Digital Action Plan, presents her team's experience in developing teachers' digital skills. This is inspired by the Response to Intervention (RAI) model.

Digital Education Day (#JNEQC), in the eyes of 12-year-old students

Two students actively participated in the first edition of the Digital Education Day (JNÉ), organized by the MÉES on November 8. What did they think of it?

The digital competence framework: a guide beyond the disciplines

In addition to presenting resources for teachers of the social universe, the 12 dimensions of the Digital Competence Reference Framework were explained at the last congress of the Society of Quebec History Teachers (SPHQ).

"Remote regions": what if we organized a CréaCamp at your place?

The École branchée is still planning a few editions of its CréaCamp for winter and spring 2020 and we want to get out of the major centers. Do you work in a school located more than 250 km from Quebec or Montreal? Show us your interest in hosting a CréaCamp in your community!

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