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Youth magazine, a tool for better reading!

Recognized for the quality of their educational content delivered with dynamism and humor, Bayard Jeunesse magazines have fueled young readers' thirst for learning for more than forty years. / Advertorial

Corneille: the reading companion for 3-8 year olds

Communiqué - L'application Corneille offre un temps d’écran ludique autour des différentes étapes de l’apprentissage de la lecture par les 3 à 8 ans.

Mobile library of Quebec literature: a web platform for teaching works ...

A new digital tool for teaching literature is now available: the Mobile Library of Quebec Literature. This free web platform facilitates access for teachers and students to a selection of works that have marked French-Canadian literary history.

Distance French: some winning strategies

How to teach and assess French at a distance? Several questions arise. Here are a few, along with tips to help you find answers.

The Constellation of the Bear, an immersive writing platform

Have you been hearing about it for a while and would like to see what it looks like? Fall under the spell of the Constellation of the Bear, a game that inspires young people to write, at school and at home. This discovery session will focus on the game and the different educational possibilities it offers, a question of inspiring and making people want to try it!

BDvasion: to get away from it all with reading

Do you and your students love comics and escape games? Jean-Baptiste Oddou, educational advisor at the Fleuve-et-des-Lacs School Services Center, imagined an immersive scenario, called BDvasion, where the learner is the protagonist in charge of delivering a message of the greatest importance to the president of the World.

New for learning to read and write

Appligogiques has improved its applications Madame Mo et Mots sans mal and created a new platform that facilitates remote work.

Prof Lecto allows you to practice reading independently

Prof Lecto is an application developed in Quebec that allows students learning to read to practice independently using voice recognition.

An educational kit with Biscuit and Brown Sugar now available

Following the Biscuit et Cassonade series of books, the first educational kit based on the works of Caroline Munger is available, just in time to immerse teachers and their students in the Christmas spirit.

Reading for success: the day of reflection on reading

The Read for Success Day will mobilize the public and professionals from all sectors to deconstruct myths and stereotypes about the practice of reading.

Over 100,000 books raised during the Gift of Reading program

The Literacy Foundation achieved the goal it set itself last October: that of raising more than 100,000 new books to give back to children aged 0 to 12 living in disadvantaged areas, as part of the program. the 20th edition of the Reading as a Gift program.

“Around the adult of tomorrow”: digital literacy education

The École branchée attended the second international conference on the teaching of literature with digital technology which was held on May 8 and 9 at the Grande Bibliothèque BAnQ (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec). Entitled "Around the adult of tomorrow", this event brought together some 100 participants and speakers from all over the world.

Play to develop executive functions

During the REFER 2019 workshop entitled “Playing to develop executive functions”, Anik Bois, orthopedagogue, presented favorite table games for stakeholders and children promoting the development of various executive functions.

The Les Libraires network launches quialu.ca, the first reading-sharing platform in ...

The network of independent booksellers in Quebec invites you to join the brand new social book platform, quialu.ca.

A smooth transition to augmented reality books

An enrichment project at Franco-Terrace Catholic School allows students to deepen reading strategies and give a new vocation to books in the library thanks to augmented reality.

New complete file on reading - Aidersonenfant.com

Aidersonenfant.com, the reference for parents of school-aged children with small or big challenges, has launched an exclusive new feature on reading.

Video criticism to stimulate a taste for reading

Here is an idea combining reading and multimedia creation that will stimulate the interest of several students for books: video criticism.
Affiche de la Semaine Lis avec moi

Read with Me Week: Commit to reading with young people

The taste for reading is easy to catch! Be a role model for the young people around you by participating in the activities of the Week Read with Me.

Youth magazines to discover for free in March

This is the 19th edition of Youth Magazine Month, initiated by Bayard Canada. From March 1 to 31, 2016, several activities are offered to students to encourage reading and motivate young readers, especially boys.

Better understand recent research findings in writing and reading

The Quebec Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research (MEESR) offers on its website a few video clips aimed at helping school stakeholders to appropriate the results of recent research on writing and writing. reading.

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