An innovative ecosystem is being set up at Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert

Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert is setting up an innovation ecosystem within the school, while forging new links with the business and research community, and projects are multiplying.

Codesign as an innovative pedagogical approach

Codesign, also called participatory design or participatory design, refers to an innovative working method centered on the user. Despite the fact that it is often associated with the entrepreneurial world, it can inspire the world of education.

The wheel of educational innovation

At the last ACCPQ convention, there was talk of innovation in schools and the role of educational advisers in supporting everything. Our collaborator Laurie tells us about the stages and the process of commitment towards this state of innovation.

Discovering tailor-made CréaCamps

For the past year, I have traveled the Francophonie to meet different school environments and with a very specific intention in mind: to meet your needs in order to equip you to make better use of the digital resources available in your schools. Take a look at these unique moments: the made-to-measure CréaCamps.

Vote for Académie Sainte-Anne, finalist for the Prix Demain le Québec

Finalist for the 6th Prix Demain le Québec organized by the David Suzuki Foundation, Académie Sainte-Anne invites the general public to vote for its community and nurturing elementary school initiative from December 2 to 11.

Teacher training in Finland: a unique system

We discuss teacher training in Finland and the Future Classroom Lab project, which aims to rethink learning environments, with Sampo Forsström.

The whole class: personalized professional development is possible!

Do personalized and relevant professional development while walking the dog? By doing the dishes? Traveling to work? Three education professionals from the Conseil scolaire Viamonde say that yes, it can be done!

Open educational resources, factors of educational innovation

In the field of educational sciences, innovation is reflected either in new production or in the improvement of certain teaching methods. More than ever before, open educational resources are contributing to educational innovation.

Create, explore, invent ... the makerspace at the service of the community

We discuss the maker approach and social innovation with Ann-Louise Davidson, professor in educational technologies and holder of the research chair in maker culture at Concordia University.

Use leadership to foster innovation

On the occasion of REFER 2019, a round table gathering members of school administrators was held around the theme of change in education.

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