Digital and self-confidence: the example of a geography project

7 Secondary 3 groups had a particularly enriching experience this year on a human level thanks to a project leading to the production of a video report. The teacher Laurent Di Pasquale tells us.

Reinventing learning: portrait of an innovative teacher

Jean-Philippe Payer received the Ken Spencer Prize for innovation in teaching in Canada. A prestigious award that highlights the work and involvement of this teacher who dared to adopt a different perspective to promote learning among his students.

After sleeping 250 years, a volcano wakes up in 2017!

After more than two centuries of inactivity, a Russian volcano woke up from its sleep and came back to life with a spectacular explosion. Let's take advantage of this event to learn more about volcanoes.

Zealandia, the forgotten continent

Geologists report having discovered an eighth continent. Let's take a closer look at how this division of continents allows these geologists to make this claim.

The discovery of a Mayan city by a teenager called into question

A teenager from Quebec has just sparked a scientific controversy after discovering a Mayan city in the Yucatán region.

Quebec's cities under water ... 14,000 years ago

The St. Lawrence River has not always had its current appearance. Let's take a closer look at how the Goldthwait and Champlain Seas have contributed to its current state.

Contest: Find a name for the 10 belugas adopted by the municipalities bordering the St.Lawrence

Elementary schools in Quebec are invited to participate in the competition to name the 10 belugas adopted by some 40 municipalities in Quebec as part of the Adopt a Beluga campaign. A great opportunity to integrate ICT!

Birth of a new banana giant

Last month, American Chiquita Brands announced its merger with Irish banana producer Fyffes. Let's take a closer look at why West Indian producers are worried about this new alliance.

The Grand Canyon: young or old?

New study shows parts of the Grand Canyon were dug “only” a few million years ago. Let's take a closer look at what this study found about this wonder of the world, located in the United States, still very popular with tourists from all over.

A competition to discover cartography in lower secondary school

The Young Cartographers Wanted! is in its 6th edition this year. Aimed at geography students in lower secondary school in Quebec, it aims to introduce one of the sectors of geomatics: cartography.

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