#DevProf: Several new features in preparation for CADRE21

The École branchée took advantage of the summer to discuss with the director of CADRE21, Sébastien Stasse. The organization dedicated to the professional development of French-speaking school personnel will have several new features to offer in the coming months.

Les #Édubrèves - special edition of July 20, 2021

The #Édubrèves do not take any vacation. In the heart of summer, we share with you news on current affairs in education. To be enjoyed on the terrace or by the pool!

Supporting learners with dys disorder: a new training from CADRE21

CADRE21 has recently offered a whole new training course, Supporting learners with dys disorder, which will allow education stakeholders to familiarize themselves with this dimension relating to learning disabilities, in order to better support learners during actions. concerted within the school framework.

Flexible planning pedagogy: Pedagogy above all else

When approaching the topic of flexible design pedagogy, attention quickly turns to furniture and structures that stand out from a classic classroom setting. However, the most important remains the pedagogy.

The flipped classroom is popular in distance learning

More and more teachers are interested in the flipped classroom. This teaching practice makes it possible to transmit more theoretical knowledge to students through video clips and to devote more class time to the realization of concrete projects. A way of doing things that lends itself rather well to distance education!

Learning how to get students to collaborate, an unprecedented training from CADRE21 and the School in a network

The CADRE21 and the Network School announce the launch of a new training course on collaborative work.

CADRE21 training now offered to future teachers

CADRE21 recently announced that students in initial teacher training in education as well as their faculty resources now have access to its online training free of charge.

CADRE21 adds new training on educational escape games

The CADRE21 adds a ninth training at the heart of the axis of development of educational strategies, called educational escape games (JEP).

A school team committed to its professional development

As part of the 3rd edition of the FEEP Educational Innovation Awards on May 1 in Sherbrooke, the CADRE21 Special Prize was awarded to a school that innovates in the professional development of its team. The 2019 edition of this prize is awarded to the Externat Sacré-Cœur de Rosemère.

2019 Quebec Professional Development Summit in Education: Looking Beyond the Findings

On March 25 and 26, more than 200 participants from all walks of life gathered with the primary objective of looking at the professional development of teachers through four perspectives: the teaching profession, support, leadership and University education.

Upcoming live trainings (in French)