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Let us first specify your needs!

The very first step is to fill in this form to specify your needs and establish the cost of the training. You can tell us the theme (s) you want to explore and the number of participants targeted. Send it duly signed to to start the organization!

Examples of themes offered

We build to measure, with you!

Most popular in 2020-2021:

- Microsoft Teams and Active Learning Path with Class Notebook
- Support / Teach in a context of ambiguity: the 5 success factors (ideal for CP teams)
- Active pedagogy: a winning approach, even from a distance!

You can also call on our team to animate a day that you are already organizing, a round table or other. Contact us without delay to discuss your needs:

  • Microsoft 365 environment:
    Teams, Sway, Forms, OneNote, etc.
    Create a learning path with the notepad (Teams)
  • Google Classroom, Slides, Site, Forms, Jamboard, Documents, Meet ...
  • Introduction to the basics
  • Workshop oriented by educational intentions
  • Reverse class
  • Classroom studio (podcast, video and blog)
  • Flipgrid, EDpuzzle, LearningApps, Wooclap
  • Zoom
  • Genially
  • EDU CoSpaces
  • Rethinking your assessment
  • Robotics / programming
  • Etc. 🙂